Turn Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Haven

Welcome to The Backyard Baron, a website committed to providing you with lots of tips and ideas to turn your backyard into an outdoor haven.

The backyard is the perfect place to bond with family and friends, have a good time, and simply relax with a bit of sunshine and some fresh air. My name is Thomas Dunnett, and I created this website to help you find inspiration for backyard games and sports, find toys for your kids to play with in the yard, and share practical tips regarding backyard animals and landscaping.

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Backyard Games

Tips and ideas for fun games you can play in the backyard, such as bocce ball, croquet, cornhole, washer toss, horseshoes, and ladder ball.

Backyard Toys

Tips and ideas for exciting toys you can play with in the backyard, such as bounce houses, trampolines, obstacle courses, and playhouses.

Backyard Animals

Tips and ideas around dealing with animals in the backyard, from squirrels and birds to wasps and flies.

Backyard Landscaping

Backyard landscaping tips and ideas, from tree maintenance to gardening products and lawn decoration.