Turn Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Haven

Welcome to The Backyard Baron, a website committed to providing you with lots of tips and ideas to turn your backyard into an outdoor haven.

The backyard is the perfect place to bond with family and friends, to have a good time, or to simply relax with a bit of sunshine and some fresh air.

Backyard Games

Tips and ideas for fun games you can play in the backyard.
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Best backyard games for families
Giant yard games for outdoor fun

Bocce Ball

Everything you need to know about bocce ball, a traditional and highly popular backyard game.
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Best bocce ball sets
How to play bocce ball in the yard


Everything you need to know about cornhole, one of the most popular backyard games.
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Cornhole court and board dimensions (size and distance)
How to play cornhole (rules and scoring)


Everything you need to know about horseshoe pitching, a classic and highly popular backyard game.
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Horseshoe court and pit dimensions (size and stake distance)
How to play horseshoes (rules and scoring)

Backyard Toys

Tips and ideas for exciting toys you can play with in the backyard.
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Best outdoor playhouses for toddlers and kids
Backyard obstacle course kits


Everything you need to know about trampolines in the backyard, such as buying guides and maintenance.
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Best backyard trampolines
Fun things to do on a trampoline

Water Fun

Reviews of backyard water fun toys, such as water slides, kiddie pools and splash pads.
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Best sprinkler splash pads for toddlers and kids
Best inflatable water slides

Backyard Landscaping

Backyard landscaping tips and ideas, from gardening and tree maintenance, to stylish furniture and decoration ideas.
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Backyard decor ideas
Simple backyard landscaping ideas


Gardening tips and ideas, plus reviews and recommendations for tools to help keep your backyard in the best shape.
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Best heavy duty gardening gloves
Best cordless grass shears

Tree Maintenance

Tips and ideas around tree maintenance in the backyard.
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How to kill a tree without cutting it down (guide)
How to preserve a tree stump


Reviews and recommendations for great patio and backyard furniture, from stylish egg chairs to comfortable hammocks.
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Best outdoor hammocks with stand
Best outdoor hanging egg chairs with stand