5 Best Battery Powered Handheld Leaf Blowers

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Last updated: November 25, 2021

Today’s battery-powered yard tools often come with nearly as much power as their gas-powered counterparts, while being quieter, simpler to maintain, and easier to use.

If you’re in the market for a new leaf blower, we’ve got you covered with the top five best lithium battery powered handheld leaf blowers available today.

We chose each of these products for their impressive power and ability to get the job done. Plus, we included options from each end of the price spectrum so you can get exactly what you need without overpaying.

Top Pick
Milwaukee Electric Tools 2724-21HD M18...
Second Choice
EGO Power+ LB6500 650 CFM Variable-Speed...
450 CFM and 120 MPH
650 CFM and 180 MPH
9.0Ah battery (included)
2.5-5.0Ah battery (not included)
Top Pick
Milwaukee Electric Tools 2724-21HD M18...
450 CFM and 120 MPH
9.0Ah battery (included)
Second Choice
EGO Power+ LB6500 650 CFM Variable-Speed...
650 CFM and 180 MPH
2.5-5.0Ah battery (not included)

Top 5 Battery Powered Hand Blowers:

Blower Price
1 Milwaukee 2724-21HD M18 Fuel Blower Kit Price
2 EGO Power+ LB6500 Leaf Blower Price
3 Makita XBU02PT 36V LXT Brushless Blower Kit Price
4 Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Leaf Blower Kit Price
5 WORX WG584 40V Leaf Blower Kit Price

Top 5 Battery Powered Hand Blowers

We have reviewed the most highly rated products on the market and have listed our top 5 battery-powered handheld leaf blowers.

If you’d like to know more about the different types of leaf blowers you can choose from, have a look at our leaf blower buying guide with an outline of the available options including pros and cons of each.

1. Milwaukee 2724-21HD M18 Fuel Blower Kit

Milwaukee 2724-21HD M18 Fuel Blower Kit

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Blower Kit may have a confusing name, but rest assured, this is a battery-powered leaf blower that easily rivals the best of the gas-powered varieties out there.


This impressive blower boasts a power rating of 450 CFM, which means it has the power to clear heavy debris like snow, gravel, and wet, compact leaves without any effort. The air leaves the tube at 120 MPH, delivering all that power at a stunning speed to get the job done quickly, no matter what it is.

Considering all this power, you’d expect this blower to be heavy and hard to deal with. But, even with the battery installed it’s only 11 pounds, making it one of the lightest blowers in this power class.

A simplistic variable speed trigger controls the output level allowing the user to throttle down for small jobs like clearing leaves out of the garden bed. Or, throttle up for heavy-duty projects in the yard or shop. This blower does not come with a turbo button and the variable speed lever isn’t our favorite design, but it works well enough to get the job done.


This kit comes with a 9.0 Ah 18V lithium ion battery that is impressively small and lightweight considering the amperage. At max speed, this battery will run for about 15 minutes. On low, you can expect to get around 40 minutes out of it.

Considering that this battery takes 100 minutes to charge on the included charger, it would be wise to invest in a second battery if you have larger projects to take on.


Overall, people love this blower for its impressive power, easy upkeep, and 3-year battery and tool warranty that comes with it.

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2. EGO Power+ LB6500 Leaf Blower

EGO Power+ LB6500 Leaf Blower

Are you a professional groundskeeper with a serious amount of work to get done? Or a homeowner with a thickly wooded yard and limited time to clear it? In either case, the EGO Power+ Leaf Blower is the best option for you.


This uber-powerful blower can reach up to 650 CFM on turbo mode and push that air out at an unparalleled 180 MPH. That’s enough power to make this tool dangerous to your wife’s rose bushes and more than enough to blow that pile of leaves back into your neighbor’s yard from a safe distance.

This is another blower that impresses with its power and its usability thanks to a lightweight design. With a 5.0Ah battery installed, this blower weighs just 12 pounds.

The speed of this blower is controlled with a variable speed dial that rotates cleanly from 225 CFM up to 500 CFM for precise power to match the needs of any job. When you need less precision and more raw power, just hit the turbo button. In this mode, the problem isn’t clearing what you want to; it’s not clearing what you don’t!


This kit does not come with a battery or charger. If you already have a 56V EGO tool with a battery, then you’re all set. If not, you will have to shell out the extra cash for a new battery and charger. These EGO batteries aren’t cheap, but they are some of the most powerful, long-running batteries you’ll find.

We recommend the 5.0Ah lithium ion battery for the leaf blower. It’s got an impressive run life (15 minutes on Turbo or 200 minutes on low) while not being overly bulky. If you get the rapid charger as well, you can charge this battery in just 45 minutes.

These batteries may be pricey, but, on the bright side, it only takes one to get most jobs done.


Overall, people love the EGO Power+ Leaf Blower for its intense power output and long run-life. It will cost you more than other options, but in most cases, you will not regret this purchase.

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3. Makita XBU02PT 36V LXT Brushless Blower Kit

Makita XBU02PT 36V LXT Brushless Blower Kit

For a durable leaf blower that the average homeowner can count on to get the job done every time, the Makita 36V LXT Brushless Blower is the way to go.


This blower comes with a max power rating of 473 CFM and a decent speed rating of 120 MPH. It can easily move dry leaves an impressive distance and has the power to lift stuck-on debris and years of wet leaves.

At 16 pounds with the batteries in, the Makita is heavier than other top leaf blowers we looked at. Considering the durability and quality of the build, this extra weight shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s certainly worth carrying around a few extra pounds for a tool that will last you years and years.

Like other battery-powered blowers, this one offers variable speeds. There is no turbo charge button, but the rolling dial provides 6 different speed settings to accomplish pretty much any job you can throw at it.


Another factor that contributes to that extra weight is the double battery system. This 36V tool runs off of two lithium ion 18V batteries. The set comes with two 5.0Ah batteries and a dual-port charger. With this set, you can expect a run time of about 15 minutes on high and 30 minutes on medium.

The included rapid charger will charge both batteries at the same time in just 45 minutes. For the average yard, two batteries will likely be enough. But for larger yards or heavy-duty projects, you may consider getting the 4 battery set.


Overall, people love the Makita leaf blower for its reliability, durability, and affordability. Like all Makita battery-powered tools, this set comes with a 3-year tool and battery warranty.

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4. Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Leaf Blower Kit

Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Leaf Blower Kit

The Greenworks Pro 80V Leaf Blower costs about the same as the Makita but offers a little more in terms of power.


This blower has a power rating of 580 CFM, offering more than enough gusto to push around wet leaves, gravel, and other heavy debris. And, thanks to the unique cone-shaped blower end, it does the work faster than many competing brands. On high, the air moves through the nozzle at an impressive 145 MPH.

The sleek body design and undersized battery mean this blower is lighter than its competitors as well. At just 10 pounds, it is a great option for older homeowners and those who struggle to hold and maneuver hefty yard tools.

This blower features an easy-to-operate variable 3-speed thumb lever and turbo button for precise control and added power, as needed.


This set comes with a smaller 80V 2.5Ah lithium battery that offers a surprisingly long runtime. The blower will run on turbo for 13 minutes, on high for 19 minutes, and on medium for about 30 minutes. These batteries charge fast as well.

If you have a bigger yard or more than the average-sized projects to tackle, you may consider upgrading to the 5.0 Ah battery or at least getting two of the 2.5 Ah.


The Greenworks Pro is a great choice for homeowners looking for a well-priced, lightweight option that has the power to take on larger jobs.

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5. WORX WG584 40V Leaf Blower Kit

WORX WG584 40V Leaf Blower Kit

If you’re looking for a reliable leaf blower for use around the house and yard that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, the Worx 40V Leaf Blower is a great choice.


This blower isn’t quite as powerful as the others we’ve featured here. It has a CFM rating of 430, which certainly isn’t terrible, but it maxes out at 90 MPH. This means you’ll have enough power to get most jobs done, but you can expect them to take a little longer. Considering the price of this tool, though, you still get a lot of power for your money.

This is another lightweight tool that’s perfect for older homeowners and those that are tired of having their arm and shoulder hurt after blowing leaves off the grass. It weighs 11 pounds with both batteries in.

Also worth mentioning is that the handle features a variable speed rolling dial with three speed selections plus a turbo boost button.


The Worx battery-powered tool line operates off 20V batteries. This 40V blower requires two standard batteries to be used simultaneously. With the two 4.0Ah lithium batteries included in the set, you can expect the blower to run for about 20 minutes on low or 7 minutes on high.

Considering the batteries take about one hour to charge, you may consider getting a second set of batteries if you have anything larger than a small to medium-sized yard to upkeep.


If you need a lot of power to tackle big jobs like cleaning out gutters or clearing gravel from your walks, this probably isn’t the best choice. But for the average homeowner with a smaller yard, the Worx 40V Leaf Blower delivers just the right amount of power for half the price of its competitors. The tool comes with a 3-year warranty while the batteries carry a 1-year warranty.

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Buying Guide

We’ve included the below handy buying guide to assist you with your decision making process.

It’s important to understand what leaf blowers actually are, what types of leaf blowers exist, and what factors you need to consider when purchasing a new battery powered handheld leaf blower.

1. Performance

One of the most important things to consider is the performance, or power, of your brand new battery powered handheld leaf blower. But more so, how that performance level is going to align with your personal needs.

If you have a small yard to look after, with limited leaf build up, you’re not going to need the most powerful leaf blower, it’s as simple as that.

The power of leaf blowers is indicated by two measurements: CFM (cubic feet per minute) and MPH (miles per hour). CFM tells you how much air the machine can blow, whereas MPH tells you how fast the air is being pushed out. Both measurements complement and impact one another.

Read our leaf blower CFM vs MPH guide for more information on this topic.

2. Battery

With a battery powered handheld leaf blower, of course the overall quality and runtime of the battery is going to be essential. With a cordless electric leaf blower’s battery, you need to pay attention to the voltage and amp hours (Ah).

The higher the voltage, the more power, but the voltage needed is also determined by the blower and that power cannot be increased by simply getting a higher voltage battery. Amp hours determine how long a battery will last before it runs empty. It is possible to increase your handheld leaf blower’s runtime by getting a battery with higher amp hours.

What you will find is that most modern cordless handheld leaf blowers run on lithium ion batteries, offering an advanced battery technology with high energy density and improved durability.

3. Features

Some leaf blowers are simply a matter of turning them on and off, while others offer some extra features. Again, this really depends on how big or complicated your yard is, and how much money you wish to spend on your new blower.

Most handheld leaf blowers will have different speed options. Some models also offer a turbo feature which is handy for big leaf build up, or otherwise heavier materials.

Other features to pay attention to are shoulder straps for easy carrying, rapid battery chargers, extra nozzle tips, extra batteries, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been putting off getting a new leaf blower, it’s time to pull the trigger on a low-maintenance, easy-to-use battery-powered handheld leaf blower.

If you have a big yard and extensive cleanup projects in mind, the EGO Power+ Leaf Blower is here to help. This powerful, 650 CFM blower can run up to 200 minutes on one battery.

For something a little more affordable and almost as powerful, the Greenworks Pro 80V Leaf Blower is a great choice. With this set, you get the battery, charger, and a lightweight blower capable of putting out 580 CFM.

Or, if what you need is something simple, easy to operate, and affordable, the Worx 40V Leaf Blower has you covered. It offers a decent power rating of 430 CFM and comes with a price tag to fit most budgets.

Overall though, we think the Milwaukee 2724-21HD M18 is an excellent choice when looking for the best value for money


Battery powered hand blower buying guide

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