5 Best Bocce Ball Sets for the Backyard

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Last updated: October 2, 2021

Bocce ball is a fun and easy yard game for all ages. In a nutshell, the objective of the game is to throw your ball such that it lands closest to a smaller target ball.

There are quite a few different bocce ball sets available to purchase today, some more expensive than others. I have gone ahead and handpicked five of these sets that I believe are excellent value for money.

If you’re not sure what this game is all about, definitely check out my guide to playing bocce ball with all the essential ins and outs.

Top Pick
GoSports 90mm Backyard Bocce Set with 8...
Second Choice
Rally and Roar Backyard Bocce Ball Game...
8 x 90 mm balls
8 x 90 or 100 mm balls
Measuring rope + carry case
Measuring rope + carry case
Top Pick
GoSports 90mm Backyard Bocce Set with 8...
8 x 90 mm balls
Measuring rope + carry case
Second Choice
Rally and Roar Backyard Bocce Ball Game...
8 x 90 or 100 mm balls
Measuring rope + carry case
Top 5 Bocce Ball Sets:
Bocce Set Price
1 GoSports Multicolor Bocce Set Price
2 Rally and Roar Bocce Ball Set Price
3 Pointyard Official Bocce Ball Set Price
4 EastPoint Sports Bocce Ball Set Price
5 Crown Deluxe Bocce Ball Set Price

Top 5 Bocce Ball Sets

Let’s have a closer look at the following 5 bocce ball sets, so you can start playing this awesome game in no time.

1. GoSports Multicolor Bocce Set

GoSports Multicolor Bocce Set

This popular GoSports bocce ball set is a basic yet good quality set, perfectly suitable for outdoor play. It features 8 sturdy classic resin balls in four different colors (red, green, blue, yellow), which means you can play with 4 different teams.

Most bocce ball sets (including the professional ones) have balls in two colors, so if you’re intending to play in more than two teams, these extra colors certainly add value. The balls are 90 mm and have a perfect weight, which makes them comfortable to throw.

The balls also have excellent grip and roll nicely on grass. Also worth noting is that the balls with the same color have different lines on them, which means you can form up to eight teams if you like.

Included in this bocce ball set is a measuring device (which is actually quite necessary!) and a super handy canvas carrying bag for easy storage and carrying around. All things considered, including the reasonable price, this would be my favorite backyard bocce ball set.

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2. Rally and Roar Bocce Ball Set

Rally and Roar Bocce Ball Set

With this particular bocce ball set you have the option to choose a two-color set or a four-color set, depending on how many teams you’re planning to go playing with. In addition to that, you also have flexibility with the size of the balls, with 90, 100, and 107 mm as the options.

The balls are nicely balanced and perfectly weighted resin bocce balls, providing a great ergonomic experience with greater ability to aim. They roll well on sand, grass and of course on official bocce ball courts.

Included in this set is a much needed measuring tape and a durable water-resistant carrying case that’s also lightweight and compact in design, making it super easy to move around and store when not in use.

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3. Pointyard Official Bocce Ball Set

Pointyard Official Bocce Ball Set

This Pointyard set is an official bocce ball set with eight 107 mm resin balls in the colors red and green. The crack-resistant and durable balls are actually quite pretty with a nice shine, and definitely look and feel premium.

The balls are also officially waterproof, so you can still play when it’s a bit wet and cold outside, on whatever surface you prefer. In addition, balls with the same color have different patterns (circle and straight line), allowing for larger groups to play.

As with most bocce ball sets, this Pointyard set also comes with a measuring tape and a sturdy zippered canvas carrying bag, convenient for storage and for carrying with you wherever you want to go. Overall, this professional bocce ball set is excellent value for money.

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4. EastPoint Sports Bocce Ball Set

EastPoint Sports Bocce Ball Set

Just like the previous one, this EastPoint bocce ball set also comes with official tournament size balls (110 mm) in the colors red and green. They are made with premium resin material for that perfect grip and roll on grass and sand surface.

You do have the option to downgrade to a simpler backyard set which comes with eight 90 mm balls, perfect for children to become familiar with this fantastic game.

This set also includes a measuring tape, in addition to a portable storage caddy which protects the balls and keeps them in place.

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5. Crown Deluxe Bocce Ball Set

Crown Deluxe Bocce Ball Set

The last one in this list of best bocce ball sets is perfect for family play in the backyard. The balls come in four different bright colors and are 90 mm in size, making them suitable for adults as well as for children.

Even though the balls aren’t official tournament size, they are made with quality lightweight resin material which will appeal to amateur players but also to professional players keen to play a quick casual game in the yard.

The set includes a simple yet convenient reinforced nylon carrying case and a white poly-resin jack. Overall, it’s a fun family-friendly bocce ball set suitable for casual play.

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Bocce Ball Set Buying Guide

Buying a new bocce ball set certainly isn’t rock science by any means, but here are a few things to consider.

1. Size

Size can be an important consideration when choosing a new bocce ball set, depending on who is going to be using the set the most. For example, children and beginner players might prefer a smaller ball size (74 mm to 100 mm) for better grip and easier handling.

On the other hand, bigger tournament-grade bocce balls (over 100 mm) are more suitable for experienced players. Professional players use 107mm balls.

2. Weight

Weight of the balls is another factor to consider, as it impacts the comfort of handling the balls and the throwing accuracy. Children and seniors might prefer lighter bocce balls, which they can handle and throw with ease.

Regulation-sized balls typically weigh 2 lbs, which is a sufficient weight to enable you to throw more accurately.

Bocce ball set on grass surface

3. Materials Used

Materials used will impact the cost, weight, and sturdiness of bocce ball sets. Solid resin is the best material for bocce balls because it’s very durable, and it is also the preferred choice for professional players. Unsurprisingly, resin balls are more expensive.

That said, there are certainly more affordable bocce ball sets made from rubber or plastic. The problem with these lower grade materials is the balls are more susceptible to chipping and breaking. For casual backyard play and outdoor recreation, these materials are perfectly fine.

4. Price

Bocce ball sets quite literally come in all sorts of price ranges, which means there’s something for everyone. The cost of the most affordable bocce ball sets ranges from $35 to $45, although you can find a set for as low as $20.

I would say that if you’re just starting out, get yourself of a more affordable bocce ball set. If you and your friends or family enjoy playing the game in the backyard, you can always invest in a more expensive, professional-grade bocce ball set.

Superior-quality professional sets cost about $80, but the price can go well beyond $100. Just remember that cheap can also turn out to be expensive, so make sure to read through reviews online to confirm that the set offers good value for money.

There you have it, my guide to buying a new bocce ball set. Hopefully you have been able to pick your favorite from the above list of 5 bocce ball sets.

It’s quite an addictive game (as you will soon find out!) and there is very little preparation work required to start playing this game very soon.


5 Awesome bocce ball sets for outdoor fun in the yard

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