25 Decorative Bird Bath Ideas for the Garden

Decorative bird bath ideas for the garden

A guide with 25 unique and decorative bird bath ideas to provide water for birds and enhance the appearance of your garden or yard.

A bird bath in a garden or backyard space not only provides decorative value but can also support the conservation of wild birds.

Bird baths provide a much-needed water source for your favorite garden visitors, and are also an effective way to attract birds to a birdhouse in your backyard.

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How to Keep Ants Out of Hummingbird Feeders (11 Practical Tips)

How to keep ants out of hummingbird feeder

Hummingbirds love the sweet taste of sugar water. Unfortunately, that love is shared by ants. If you have a hummingbird feeder, you probably know this fact all too well.

So the question is, how do you allow hummingbirds to enjoy your feeders without letting the ants steal all the sweet water you’ve worked so hard to make?

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How to Make Bird Feeders Squirrel Proof (10 Tips)

How to make bird feeders squirrel proof

A guide with ten practical tips to keep squirrels away from the bird feeder in your backyard and keep birds safe and happy.

There’s nothing better than looking out your window to see a flock of colorful songbirds enjoying the offerings in your birdfeeder. But this fun and rewarding hobby can quickly become costly and time-consuming when squirrels get involved.

These tree-dwelling rodents can make quick work of even large-capacity bird feeders. This means you have to spend more on seeds and fill the feeder more often. All without the benefit of seeing more birds visit your yard.

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Where to Hang a Hummingbird Nest (Practical Guide)

Where to hang a hummingbird nest

A guide with tips on where best to place or hang a hummingbird nest or house, and how to keep hummingbirds happy and safe in the yard.

Perhaps one of the prettiest birds that can visit our backyards is the tiny but almighty hummingbird.

The hummingbird truly is a unique bird in so many different ways, and their nesting habits are also unique and different from other birds that often explore the outdoor spaces around our homes.

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How to Keep Birds off Your Porch (10 Tips)

How to keep birds off your porch (10 tips)

Ten practical and friendly tips to keep birds, such as pigeons, crows, and sparrows, from settling and even nesting on your porch.

While having birds around in the front or backyard can be a wonderful thing, you would want them to stay away from the porch, for various reasons.

Perhaps the biggest reason is bird droppings, which can, in the long term, cause significant damage to your porch and surrounding area. Plus, bird droppings also don’t look and smell very good, and can carry diseases.

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What to Feed Birds From the Kitchen (10 Tips)

What to feed birds from the kitchen (10 tips)

Not sure what to feed birds? Consider these ten kitchen scraps and other food items the birds in your backyard will appreciate.

Did you know that you can use kitchen scraps as bird food?

By offering the right scraps to birds, in addition to traditional bird food, you’re providing a greater variety of nutrition sources while also reducing landfill waste.

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Can Birds Eat Oats or Oatmeal? (And How to Feed)

Can birds eat oats or oatmeal?

A guide explaining why oats are good for birds, and an outline of how best to prepare bird food with oatmeal.

If you love having birds in and around your backyard, then you may need to help them with feeding, especially during the colder winter months.

One simple, easy, and cost-effective way to help birds with their daily nutrition intake is by offering them oats or oatmeal, in addition to other kitchen scraps and food items.

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9 Benefits of Birdhouses (And How They Help the Environment)

Birdhouse benefits for the environment

A guide with nine benefits of having one or more birdhouses in the backyard or garden and how they are good for the environment.

If you were thinking of installing a birdhouse in your backyard to help birds find shelter, or perhaps for decoration purposes, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I am going to explain how there are great benefits in having a birdhouse, not only for birds but also for your backyard as a whole.

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