5 Best Croquet Sets for Backyard Play (2024 Guide)

Best croquet sets

Reviews of five of the best croquet sets available today, based on price, materials, size, accessories, and more.

For some people, the idea of a game of croquet brings up images of elegant garden tea parties, big hats, and fancy dresses. But don’t worry, croquet can today be played in the backyard in denim shorts and t-shirts.

As a fanatic croquet enthusiast, I’ve taken the liberty of reviewing five of the best croquet sets for backyard and lawn play. These are sets that are made specifically for the 9-wicket variant of croquet.

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Cornhole Court and Board Dimensions (Size, Distance and Measurements)

Cornhole court and board dimensions (size, distance and measurements)

A regulation-size cornhole court and board explained, including diagrams with correct dimensions, measurements, and distance between boards.

A game of cornhole in the backyard may look relatively easy to set up, but creating an official cornhole court has to adhere to specific regulations.

A cornhole court consists of several elements, with regulation size and dimensions for the court as well as for the two boards.

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Horseshoe Court and Pit Dimensions (Size and Stake Distance) Including Diagrams

Horseshoe court and pit dimensions (size and stake distance)

A regulation-size horseshoe court explained, including diagrams with correct court and pit dimensions, and distance between the stakes.

As simplistic as the game of horseshoe pitching may appear, creating a horseshoes court is actually quite complicated.

A horseshoe court consists of several elements, with specific regulation guidelines for size and dimensions for both the court and the pit.

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How to Throw a Bocce Ball (Grips and Techniques)

How to throw a bocce ball (grips and techniques)

A beginner’s guide to throwing a bocce ball, covering the different grips and techniques needed to improve your bocce skills.

Whether you’re just now learning about bocce ball or you’re a seasoned player, you can always use a few tips and pointers to improve your ball throwing, or rolling, techniques.

This simple guide will inform you about the best stance, grip, and throw style, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish during the game.

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Petanque vs Bocce Ball (Differences and Similarities)

Petanque vs bocce ball

If you’re curious about boules sports, odds are you have heard of the games Petanque and Bocce ball. These two games are often used interchangeably, but they’re definitely not the same.

In fact, the two games have entirely different origins and international fan bases to boot. So, let’s get down to it and talk about Petanque vs Bocce and outline their differences and similarities.

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How to Throw a Horseshoe (Grips and Techniques)

How to throw a horseshoe (grips and techniques)

A beginner’s guide to pitching a horseshoe, covering the different grips and techniques needed to master the horseshoes game.

Despite sounding like a game out of its time, horseshoes is quite popular throughout the U.S. And it sounds so easy to do, too. Just pick up a horseshoe, throw it at a post, and hopefully it will hit or hook around a stake.

All you need is a steady arm and a decent aim, right? Well, there is a lot more to it than just that.

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5 Top Rated Giant Connect 4 Games (2024 Guide)

Top rated giant Connect Four games

Reviews of five of the best giant Connect Four games for outdoor backyard fun, plus a quick buying guide with criteria to pay attention to.

What better way to relive those childhood memories than with an exciting game of Connect Four? Or better yet, a Giant game of Connect Four!

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5 Entertaining Backyard Golf Games

Backyard golf games

Five of the best backyard golf games that you can play right now, perfect for barbecues, birthdays, and actual golf practice.

Some may see golf as an elite sport. Others may refer to it as a “gentleman’s sport”, strictly reserved for professional athletes and membership clubs.

What if I told you that this assumption was wrong? You don’t have to be a distinguished member of a country club to play golf. You can even improve your skills in golf without stepping out of your home.

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7 Cornhole Drinking Games for Backyard Entertainment

Cornhole drinking games

Among the vast array of classic backyard games, cornhole holds a special place in our hearts. There is something satisfying about the simple act of throwing a bean bag through a hole in a board.

And what’s also satisfying is having a nice cold beer in your other hand as you throw, especially on a warm summer’s day.

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Lawn Bowling vs Bocce Ball (3 Key Differences)

Lawn bowling vs bocce ball

Lawn bowling and Bocce Ball are two fantastic boules games to play outdoors, either in the backyard or on a more professional court.

The two games are very similar in style and characteristics, which is why people often get the two confused, but there are some key differences between the two.

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