5 Best Battery Powered Handheld Leaf Blowers

Best battery powered handheld leaf blowers

Today’s battery-powered yard tools often come with nearly as much power as their gas-powered counterparts, while being quieter, simpler to maintain, and easier to use.

If you’re in the market for a new leaf blower, we’ve got you covered with the top five best lithium battery powered handheld leaf blowers available today.

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3 Best Battery Powered Backpack Leaf Blowers

Best battery powered backpack leaf blowers

While it may not be the most common type of leaf blower, the battery powered backpack style blower does have its benefits compared to the often clunky, stinky, and heavy gas-powered variety.

If you’re currently looking to replace your old leaf blower with a cordless electric backpack model, or if you’re in the market for your very first leaf blower, we’ve got you covered.

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Leaf Blower Buying Guide (Types of Leaf Blowers Explained)

Leaf blower buying guide

If you have a reasonably sized yard with various trees, you’re going to have to deal with large amounts of leaves when fall kicks in.

Cleaning up those leaves isn’t necessarily a big deal, but the bigger your yard and the more trees you have, the more time consuming this clean up job becomes. In that case, it may be worth looking into purchasing a leaf blower.

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9 Benefits of Birdhouses (And How They Help the Environment)

Birdhouse benefits for the environment

If you were thinking of installing a birdhouse in your backyard to help birds or for decoration purposes, you’ve come to the right place.

Because in this article I am going to outline how there are great benefits in having birdhouses, not only for birds, but also for your backyard as a whole.

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15 Creative and Cute Backyard Decor Ideas

Backyard decor ideas

Decorating the backyard is like adding that finishing touch with simple yet effective ideas, without having to spend top dollar for a professional designer.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to decorating your backyard, with an endless amount of garden decor products and DIY options to consider.

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15 Easy and Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Simple backyard landscaping ideas

Whether you have a small or a large backyard, it’s always a good idea to put some effort into landscaping that beloved outdoor space behind the house.

While landscaping itself is a skilled profession, with a bit of research, anyone can achieve so much with simple landscaping ideas, ideas that are mostly inexpensive and are relatively easy to implement.

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How to Burn a Tree Stump (Step by Step Guide)

How to burn a tree stump

So you have an old tree tree stump in your garden or yard, and you’d like to remove it or have it removed by means of burning.

While there are various ways to remove tree stumps, the burning method is a rather cost effective and relatively easy way to accomplish that goal with only a few tools and a bit of patience.

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How to Hollow Out a Tree Stump (Guide)

How to hollow out a tree stump

For many home gardeners, tree stumps are a blight on backyard landscaping. However, you don’t necessarily need to go through the effort of removing rogue stumps to improve the look of your yard.

Instead, consider hollowing out unwanted tree stumps and repurposing them into something a little bit more decorative.

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