17 Stylish Horizontal Fence Ideas for the Backyard

Horizontal fence ideas

This guide explores 17 stylish and creative horizontal fence ideas that are easy to implement and will improve the look and feel of your outdoor space.

Most people will install a fence for practical and safety reasons, but fencing can also have great aesthetic value.

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String Trimmers vs Lawn Edgers (Practical Guide)

String trimmer vs edger (guide)

A guide outlining the key differences between lawn edgers and string trimmers, when to use each, and the pros and cons of both tools.

The search for the right tools to keep your yard in the best shape often brings people to the debate over lawn edgers vs string trimmers. These two tools are very similar and can do some of the same jobs, which further complicates the differences between them.

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Leaf Blower vs Rake (Which Is Better?)

Leaf blower vs rake

This guide explores the pros and cons of leaf blowing and raking to help you decide which option is best for your needs.

When the leaves turn those beautiful shades of brown and red and eventually fall to the ground, you know it’s time to bring out the leaf blower or the rake to clean up the yard. But which one is best?

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5 Best Heavy Duty Bow Rakes (2024 Guide)

Best heavy duty bow rakes (buying guide)

Reviews of five of the best bow rakes available today, based on durability, materials, handle, rake head, tines, and price.

A quality bow can take on more jobs than other rake styles but are best suited for those heavy-duty gardening chores. If you’ve got gravel to move, dirt to level, or mulch to spread, a bow rake is the tool you want. But not just any bow rake will do.

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5 Best Garden Kneelers with Seat (2024 Guide)

Best garden kneelers with seat (buying guide)

Reviews of five of the best garden kneelers with a seat available today, based on tool storage options, seating pad, weight capacity, and price.

If gardening has become a bit of a pain in your neck (and your knees), then a garden kneeler with a seat might be exactly what you need.

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5 Best Rolling Garden Carts with Seat (2024 Guide)

Best rolling garden carts with seat (buying guide)

Gardening is meant to be a relaxing and cathartic experience. But if you suffer from knee or joint pain, the constant bending and kneeling that gardening requires can quickly turn this hobby into a chore.

One effective solution to this problem is a rolling garden cart that allows you to sit comfortably while keeping your tools within reach. But, with so many choices available, it’s essential to find the right product for your needs.

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3 Best Thatching Rakes (2024 Buying Guide)

Best thatching rakes

Reviews of three of the best thatching rakes available today, based on durability, materials, handle, rake head, and price.

Thick layers of thatch can negatively affect the health, appearance, and resilience of your lawn. Luckily, the problem can be easily dealt with using a little elbow grease and the right thatch rake.

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7 Best Handheld Cordless Grass Shears (2024 Guide)

Best cordless grass shears

Reviews of seven of the best handheld cordless grass shears available today, based on durability, ease of use, battery quality, weight, price, and more.

One of the most versatile and useful yard tools is the grass shear, a super handy handheld device that allows for an impressive degree of precision.

To get the most out of your grass shears, you can’t be tethered to the house with an extension cord or handicapped by a weak battery. You need a quality, cordless shear with the right features and attachments to take on any finesse job you want to throw at it.

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11 Garden Gnome Ideas to Decorate the Yard

Garden gnome ideas

An inspirational guide with 11 creative and imaginative garden gnome ideas, from classic and traditional to large and whimsical gnomes.

There is something about garden gnomes that makes people happy. Maybe it’s their usually cheerful faces or the fact that they add a touch of whimsy to any garden.

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Leaf Blower CFM vs MPH Explained (Complete Guide)

Leaf blower CFM vs MPH explained

A guide to the power measurements CFM and MPH for leaf blowers and how important they are for your new leaf blower’s performance.

When looking for a new leaf blower to purchase, first you’re going to have to work out what type of leaf blower you want and need. Once you’ve got that sorted, you will need to look at how powerful you need that leaf blower to be.

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