10 Ideas for Old Tree Stumps in the Garden

Tree stump ideas for the garden

A guide with 10 landscaping ideas to repurpose old tree stumps in the garden, from creating furniture to turning them into decorative pieces.

Trees add fantastic value to the scenery in your backyard, regardless of the season. However, there may be a time when you have to cut down a tree, which will leave behind a tree stump.

Most people see tree stumps as useless or perhaps even an eyesore in their garden, but stump removal requires a lot of time and effort.

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How to Hollow Out a Tree Stump (3 Ways)

How to hollow out a tree stump

This guide explores three ways to hollow out a tree stump and what you can do with it to transform your outdoor space.

For many home gardeners, a tree stump can be a bit of an eyesore, and the urge to remove it can be hard to resist. But preserving a tree stump and repurposing it into something decorative is worth considering.

If you do have an old stump in your yard, one thing you can do is hollow it out and turn it into a decoration piece.

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How to Burn a Tree Stump (Step by Step Guide)

How to burn a tree stump

A complete guide explaining how to burn a tree stump so you can remove it with only a few tools and a bit of patience.

So you have an old tree stump in your garden or yard, and you’re thinking of removing it, or having it removed, by means of burning.

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How to Remove a Tree Stump Without Using a Grinder

How to remove a tree stump without a grinder

This detailed step-by-step guide shares three methods to remove a tree stump without using a grinder: manually, with chemicals, or by burning it.

Felling a tree can be difficult work in and of itself, but the real challenge often comes with trying to remove the stump. Tree stump grinders are efficient and practical machines but also expensive.

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How to Preserve a Tree Stump (Why and How)

How to preserve a tree stump

Learn how to preserve a tree stump for outdoor or indoor use in this guide, because old stumps can be repurposed in many different ways.

There are so many things you can do with a tree stump that it may be worth keeping it for future use. But preserving a tree stump is not as easy as it may sound and comes with risks and challenges.

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How to Kill a Tree Without Cutting It Down (Guide)

How to kill a tree without cutting it down (guide)

A guide explaining three methods to kill a tree without cutting it down. Learn more about girdling, using chemicals, and using copper nails.

While trees can be a beautiful addition to your yard, there comes a time when the tree has outstayed its welcome. Whether it’s growing past the point of unruliness or uncomfortably close to your home or driveway, there are reasons why you may need to get rid of a tree.

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