How to Clean a Bounce House (Practical Guide)

How to clean a bounce house

Cleaning a bounce house can seem daunting, especially if you have some unpleasant residue to remove. But, it doesn’t have to be an out-and-out struggle if you do it systematically and use the right tools and chemicals.

This step-by-step guide to cleaning your inflatable bounce house will make it relatively quick and easy. It starts with a full inspection and removal of lost items or other solid objects, then a dry clean, followed by a thorough wet clean, and then disinfection and drying to complete the process.

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5 Best Outdoor Inflatable Bounce Houses (2023 Guide)

Best outdoor inflatable bounce houses

Reviews of five of the best inflatable bounce houses for toddlers and kids, based on materials, durability, safety, size, price, and more.

An inflatable bounce house in the backyard is a fantastic way to get your kids active and social. But outdoor bounce houses come in various shapes and sizes, and the quality and safety standards vary a lot, which can make picking a suitable model for your kids somewhat overwhelming.

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How to Patch and Repair a Bounce House (DIY Guide)

How to patch a bounce house

Bounce houses are loads of fun for children of all ages and even for adults as well. However, they are prone to tears and holes and eventually need to be repaired.

Whether it was an accident with a sharp object or just natural wear and tear, a leak in your bounce house is a problem you must address. You could call the professionals or maybe try and fix the problem yourself.

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Can Adults Go In Bounce Houses? (Quick Guide)

Can adults go In bounce houses

My kids love jumping in the bounce house that we set up during the summer months in our backyard, and we often invite kids from the neighborhood over for a fun-filled afternoon jumping.

The truth is, as an adult, I love it too. And I do sometimes go in the bounce house and have a bit of fun, either by myself or together with my kids. But jumping in a bounce house as an adult does come with challenges, limitations, and safety concerns.

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15 Best Backyard Toys for Toddlers and Kids

Best backyard toys for toddler and kids

In this article, I am going to share 15 fantastic backyard toys, in different price ranges, suitable for toddlers and kids in different age groups.

Being the proud father of two kids, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to keep toddlers and kids entertained throughout the day when they’re not in school.

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5 Best Toy Gardening Sets for Kids (2023 Guide)

Best toy gardening sets for kids

We all know that gardening is so much more than just a chore. For many of us, it’s a hobby that makes us feel good and happy, while being outdoors and being creative.

By fostering your child’s love for gardening right now, you can help them be creative and feel fulfilled. Thanks to some adorable, well-designed gardening toy sets, doing just that has never been easier.

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5 Best Kids Sandboxes with Cover (2023 Guide)

Best kids sandboxes with cover

Reviews of five of the best kids sandboxes with covers. Each of these selections has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, includes features that make them highly entertaining and useful, and has a cover for added protection.

Sandboxes have been entertaining children since 1847, when Friedrich Froebel, founder of the kindergarten movement, incorporated the idea for a large wooden box filled with sand into his teachings.

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5 Best Toy Grill and BBQ Sets (2023 Guide)

Best toy grill and BBQ sets

Kids are naturally drawn to imitate their parents, and one of the first activities many toddlers come to emulate is cooking.

If you’ve already bought your little parrot all the dishes and kitchen sets you can find, there’s still one more option they are sure to love.

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5 Best Plastic Outdoor Playsets for Toddlers (2023 Guide)

Best plastic outdoor playsets for toddlers

One great way to give your kids the experience of going to the park without leaving the yard is to purchase a plastic outdoor playset.

Some of these playsets feature many of the same exciting options that you’ll find at the park, such as slides, climbing walls, and swings. And there are also smaller, toddler-friendly playsets that take up very little room in your backyard and are super affordable.

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