5 Top Rated Backyard Obstacle Course Kits (2024 Guide)

Best backyard obstacle courses for kids

Reviews of five of the best backyard obstacle courses for kids, based on accessories, safety, materials, number of obstacles, price, and more.

As a kid, I often dreamed of becoming a real ninja, and I had this natural desire to constantly look for obstacles to conquer. With a purpose-built backyard obstacle course or kit, your child can train just like ninjas would do back in the day. Well, almost, of course.

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How to Clean a Bounce House (Practical Guide)

How to clean a bounce house

A step-by-step guide to cleaning a bounce house in the backyard, from the initial visual inspection to disinfection and drying.

The iconic bounce house. It’s a backyard staple that has created countless memories for children (and adults!) everywhere. But like all magical things in life, bounce houses need a bit of care and attention to keep them sparkling.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves, grab our cleaning supplies, and prepare for a noble quest; cleaning the backyard bounce house.

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5 Top Rated Inflatable Bounce Houses (2024 Guide)

Best outdoor inflatable bounce houses

Reviews of five of the best outdoor inflatable bounce houses for toddlers and kids, based on materials, durability, safety, size, price, and more.

An inflatable bounce house in the backyard is a fantastic way to get your kids active and social. However, outdoor bounce houses come in various shapes and sizes, and the quality and safety standards vary greatly, making picking a suitable model for your kids somewhat overwhelming.

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How to Patch and Repair a Bounce House (Practical Guide)

How to patch and repair a bounce house

A guide explaining the different ways to identify and patch holes and tears in a bounce house, so you can continue using it without issues.

Bounce houses are loads of fun for children of all ages and even for adults as well. However, they are prone to tears and holes and eventually need to be repaired.

Whether it was an accident with a sharp object or just natural wear and tear, a leak in your bounce house is a problem you must address. You could call the professionals or maybe try and fix the problem yourself.

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Can Adults Go In Bounce Houses? (Quick Guide)

Can adults go In bounce houses?

A simple guide explaining whether adults can use bounce houses and important factors to consider when doing so.

My kids love jumping in the bounce house that we set up during the summer months in our backyard, and we often invite kids from the neighborhood over for a fun-filled afternoon jumping.

The truth is, as an adult, I love it too. I do occasionally step onto the bounce house and have a bit of fun with my kids. But jumping in a bounce house as an adult does come with challenges, limitations, and safety concerns.

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How to Keep a Kiddie Pool Clean (8 Tips)

How to keep a kiddie pool clean

A guide with eight tips to keep a kiddie pool clean when in use and when in storage, so your kids can safely enjoy the water fun during the summer months.

A kiddie pool in the backyard is great fun, but it does require daily cleaning work. I have purchased my fair share of small inflatable kiddie pools and splash pads over the years, and have experienced first hand how cleaning is so important but often overlooked.

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5 Top Rated Toy Gardening Sets for Kids (2024 Guide)

Top rated toy gardening sets for kids

Reviews of five of the best toy gardening sets for kids, based on materials, number of pieces, durability, and more.

For many of us, gardening is so much more than just a chore. It’s a hobby that makes us feel good and happy while being outdoors and creative.

By fostering your child’s love for gardening right now, you can help them be creative and feel fulfilled. Thanks to some adorable, well-designed gardening toy sets, doing just that has never been easier.

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5 Top Rated Kids Sandboxes with Cover (2024 Guide)

Best kids sandboxes with cover

Reviews of five of the best backyard kids sandboxes with a cover, based on size, ease of setup, materials, durability, and more.

A sandbox in the backyard can serve as the cornerstone of creativity, offering endless possibilities for fun and learning for children. Sandboxes have evolved to take on many forms and come in so many different sizes and shapes that it can be hard to choose just one to entertain your growing child.

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5 Top Rated Toy Grill and BBQ Sets (2024 Guide)

Top rated toy grill and BBQ sets

Reviews of five of the best toy grill and BBQ sets for toddlers, based on size, features, materials, durability, and more.

Kids are naturally drawn to imitate their parents, and one of the first activities many toddlers come to emulate is cooking. If you’ve already bought your little parrot all the dishes and kitchen sets you can find, there’s still one more option they are sure to love.

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5 Top Rated Plastic Outdoor Playsets for Toddlers (2024 Guide)

Top rated plastic outdoor playsets for toddlers

Reviews of five of the best plastic outdoor playsets for toddlers, based on safety, features, size, durability, and more.

One great way to give your kids the experience of going to the park without leaving the yard is to purchase a plastic outdoor playset.

Some of these playsets feature many of the same exciting options that you’ll find at the park, such as slides, climbing walls, and swings. And there are also smaller, toddler-friendly playsets that take up very little room in your backyard and are super affordable.

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