How to Patch a Trampoline Mat Hole (DIY Guide)

How to fix a hole in a trampoline mat

A quick and easy guide to fixing a hole in a trampoline mat in different ways, plus some handy trampoline maintenance tips.

Having a trampoline in the backyard is a great way to have fun and exercise in your own home. Over time, there will be wear and tear issues, especially when the trampoline is used regularly.

Damage can occur to the springs, the mat, or the legs. However, the most common type of damage to trampolines is holes in the mat. Depending on the severity of these holes, repairs are often inevitable.

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5 Top Rated Outdoor Climbing Toys for Kids (2024 Guide)

Best outdoor climbing toys for kids

Reviews of five of the best outdoor climbing toys for kids, based on size, weight, features, materials, safety, and more.

I always encourage my kids to go climbing outdoors in playgrounds. This allows them to go out of their comfort zone, be physically active, and be social with their neighborhood buddies.

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