15 Trampoline Safety Rules for Kids (Complete Guide)

Trampoline safety rules

A guide with 15 trampoline rules focused on safety so that you and your kids can use the trampoline with minimal risk of injuries.

If you’re considering getting a trampoline in the backyard, safety should be one of your top concerns.

Before letting your kids jump on any trampoline, it’s important to review safety rules to prevent accidents. Even as a seasoned trampoline owner, occasionally revisiting those trampoline safety rules is a good idea.

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10 Fun Things to Do on a Trampoline (Besides Jumping)

Fun things to do on a trampoline

A guide with ten fun activities you can do on a trampoline besides jumping. It’s time to dust off that trampoline and try one of these ideas!

Jumping on a trampoline can be loads of fun for kids as well as for adults, but it doesn’t have to end there.

With a bit of creativity and effort, there are so many more fun things you can do on a trampoline besides jumping.

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How to Keep a Trampoline From Blowing Away

How to secure a trampoline

A practical guide explaining two ways to secure a trampoline and to prevent it from blowing away in rough weather conditions.

If you have a trampoline in your backyard, or if you’re about to purchase one, you may be wondering how to keep the trampoline secured during high winds, storms, or even hurricanes.

We’ve all seen videos of trampolines getting blown away during extreme weather, which is obviously something we all want to avoid.

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5 Best Inflatable Water Slides (2023 Guide)

Best inflatable water slides

Reviews of five of the best inflatable water slides, based on size, materials, features, accessories, ease of setup, safety, and price.

For many kids, an inflatable water slide in the backyard is the ultimate in outdoor fun, but they take up a lot of space and are not exactly cheap.

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How to Clean a Trampoline Mat (Step by Step Guide)

How to clean a trampoline mat

If you have a trampoline in your backyard, you will know how dirty it can get over time. Bird poop, moss, mold, leaves, black residue, you name it.

Regardless of how top-rated your backyard trampoline is, it still requires regular cleaning as it’s standing outside and is exposed to the elements.

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Trampoline Shapes Explained (Round, Square, Rectangular, Oval)

Trampoline shapes explained (round, square, rectangular, oval)

A guide explaining the differences between round, square, rectangular, and oval trampoline shapes and the pros and cons of each.

Having a trampoline in the backyard is nothing out of the ordinary because trampolines have gone through such a huge surge in popularity in the last few decades.

Back in the day, many trampolines were rectangular in shape, but as trampolines have evolved over time, consumers can now choose between a great variety of trampoline shapes and sizes.

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How to Patch a Trampoline Mat Hole (DIY Guide)

How to fix a hole in a trampoline mat

A quick and easy guide to fixing a hole in a trampoline mat in different ways, plus some handy trampoline maintenance tips.

Having a trampoline in the backyard is a great way to have fun and exercise in your own home. Over time, there will be wear and tear issues, especially when the trampoline is used regularly.

Damage can occur to the springs, the mat, or the legs. However, the most common type of damage to trampolines is holes in the mat. Depending on the severity of these holes, repairs are often inevitable.

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5 Best Outdoor Climbing Toys for Kids (2023 Guide)

Best outdoor climbing toys for kids

Reviews of five of the best outdoor climbing toys for kids, based on size, weight, features, materials, safety, and more.

I always encourage my kids to go climbing outdoors in playgrounds. This allows them to go out of their comfort zone, be physically active, and be social with their neighborhood buddies.

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5 Best Backyard Obstacle Courses for Kids (2023 Buying Guide)

Best backyard obstacle course kits

Reviews of five of the best backyard obstacle course kits, based on accessories, safety, materials used, number of obstacles, and more.

As a kid, I often dreamed of becoming a real ninja, and I had this natural desire to constantly look for obstacles to conquer. With a purpose-built backyard obstacle course or kit, your child can train just like ninjas would do back in the day. Well, almost, of course.

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