5 Fun Ladder Ball Sets for the Backyard

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Last updated: March 4, 2024

Keen to start playing ladder ball? Also known as ladder toss or golf toss, this game is one of my absolute favorites to play in the backyard.

Ladder ball is super easy to learn because the rules are pretty basic, and the equipment doesn’t need to be expensive at all.

In this article, I am reviewing and shortlisting five of the best ladder ball sets you can buy today, so you can start playing this fantastic game tomorrow.

If you’re not sure how this game works, check out my guide on how to play ladder ball explaining the rules and scoring.

Top Pick
GoSports Ladder Toss Indoor & Outdoor...
Second Choice
Ladder Toss Double Wooden Ladder Ball...
Sturdy reinforced PVC
Soft rubber bolas
Golf ball bolas
Top Pick
GoSports Ladder Toss Indoor & Outdoor...
Sturdy reinforced PVC
Soft rubber bolas
Second Choice
Ladder Toss Double Wooden Ladder Ball...
Golf ball bolas

Top 5 Ladder Ball Sets:

Ladder Ball Set Price
1 GoSports Pro Ladder Toss Set Price
2 Yard Games Wooden Ladder Ball Set Price
3 Amazon Basics Ladder Toss Game Set Price
4 Rally and Roar Ladder Toss Set Price
5 Japer Bees Ladder Ball Toss Game Set Price

Top 5 Ladder Ball Sets

Ladder ball is a game for all ages and skill levels, although the more experience and skills you have, the more likely you will be to win games. Let’s take a closer look at my favorite five ladder ball sets.

1. GoSports Pro Ladder Toss Set

GoSports Pro Ladder Toss Set

Let’s kick off the list with this good-quality ladder ball set by GoSports. The two ladders are made from sturdy reinforced PVC, which not only makes them stable but also robust and long-lasting. The ladders also have built-in score trackers, which is a super handy feature.

The six bolas come in the two traditional colors, blue and red. They are made with soft rubber (not golf balls) and have thick ropes, making them suitable for both kids and adults to handle and throw. The premium carrying case makes for easy transportation and storage.

This is my favorite ladder ball toss set because it offers the best balance between quality, durability, and pricing. It’s also super easy and quick to set up in the backyard.

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2. Yard Games Wooden Ladder Ball Set

Yard Games Wooden Ladder Ball Set

The second ladder ball set on this list stands out because it contains two wooden ladders, which create a bit of a retro look while not sacrificing stability or durability. Quite the opposite actually, as this is a very sturdy and durable ladder ball game set.

The six red and blue bolas are golf balls connected with anti-tangling ropes for easy throwing and aiming. The set also includes a carrying case, a built-in scorekeeper, and instructions for play to get you started as quickly as possible.

I particularly like this ladder ball set because it stands out with that beautiful wooden design.

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3. Amazon Basics Ladder Toss Game Set

Amazon Basics Ladder Toss Game Set

This popular Amazon Basics set is perhaps the perfect entry-level ladder toss game set, suitable for outdoor and indoor play.

The two ladders in red and blue are constructed with PVC pipes, resulting in sturdy enough structures that are easy to assemble and disassemble after play.

The 2×3 bolas are essentially golf balls with the right weight and swing ability, ideal for this game. A carrying bag is also included. Overall, this is an excellent lightweight ladder ball set for beginners as well as for more advanced players.

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4. Rally and Roar Ladder Toss Set

Rally and Roar Ladder Toss Set

Next up is a ladder ball set by Rally and Roar, which is available in different sizes and options. This lower-grade set comes with soft sand-weighted balls, whereas the premium set includes weighted resin balls for improved grip and better aim. The premium set also has thicker PVC bars for extra stability and sturdiness.

What I like about this set (which also includes a canvas bag and scorekeeper) is the professional look and feel of the product overall.

And with the various options available, you have the flexibility to choose the most suitable set for your needs, which doesn’t necessarily need to be the premium one.

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5. Japer Bees Ladder Ball Toss Game Set

Japer Bees Ladder Ball Toss Game Set

The final product on this list of ladder ball sets is this Japer Bees set that comes with two brightly colored ladders. The ladders are constructed with sturdy PVC pipes and joints, and the bolas are rubber golf balls.

As with most sets, the ladders have score markers on the side, and a convenient carrying bag is included for easy storage and transport. Setting it all up with the pipes and joints is super easy, so you’ll be playing in no time.

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Buying Guide

Buying a new ladder ball set doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but to give you some guidance, here are a few things to consider.

1. The Ladders

One of the first things you will notice when looking for a new ladder ball set is that there is some variation in the type of ladders.

PVC ladders:

The most common type of ladders (especially in the recreational backyard scene) are made with PVC pipes. As you can imagine, sets with PVC ladders are typically the most affordable, but that doesn’t mean they’re a bad choice.

PVC pipes are perfectly fine for casual games in the yard. They might not be the sturdiest or the most stable, but they are lightweight and very easy to set up. If you have children playing, PVC ladders may be a preferred choice.

You do need to look at the thickness of the pipes though, and also the joints. Typically, the thicker, the better, and the joints need to be designed such that they hold the ladders together properly.

Metal ladders:

Metal ladders usually offer a bit more stability and robustness than PVC-type ladders. They are also a bit heavier, of course, and the good ones are also treated to prevent rusting.

They might be a little more expensive, but the obvious benefit is that a bit of wind is not going to knock over the ladders that easily.

Wooden ladders:

You don’t see these very often anymore, but wooden ladders are still being sold, and I’ve included one in the list above. I like a wooden ladder ball game set because I’m a bit of an old-school type of person. But in all seriousness, wooden ladders not only look great, but they are also sturdy and well-balanced.

Do pay attention to the type of wood, though, and also the treatment. Ideally, they need to have a smooth finish (also good for safety), and they shouldn’t be slowly rotting away after exposure to rain. Wooden ladders typically are a bit more expensive, so it’s up to you as the buyer to make that decision.

2. The Bolas

The bolas also come in different materials. Ladder ball is also called ladder golf, and that is because the balls (the bolas) are usually golf balls connected with ropes. Golf balls offer the best grip and ability to aim.

Ladder ball set

Other sets have soft rubber balls, which are perhaps more suitable for kids but are slightly more difficult to aim with properly.

But they are good enough for casual backyard entertainment, and they are also a bit safer to throw with, for obvious reasons.

3. Pricing

As with any product you buy, the price matters too.

I have already touched on a few things that impact the price of a ladder ball set, but in general, there should not be a need to pay more than $100 for a good-quality ladder toss game.

Pricing can go as low as $20-$40 for a decent entry-level family-friendly set. For a more professional set, it’s going towards double that amount, which is still very affordable for such a fun and bonding game to play in the backyard.


5 Top rated ladder ball sets

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