5 Best Outdoor Hanging Egg Chairs With Stand

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Last updated: April 14, 2021

Also referred to as pod chairs or teardrop chairs, egg chairs are designed to be super comfortable, perfect to spend a lazy afternoon.

An outdoor hanging egg chair with stand is essentially a seat in the shape of an egg that hangs on a stand. They’ve become increasingly popular in recent times, and for good reason.

In this article, I am going to share with you 5 great looking, high quality hanging egg chairs that are a great addition to your patio at home.

Top 5 Hanging Egg Chairs

In no particular order, here are 5 super comfortable hanging egg chairs with stand, perfect for your outdoor patio.

1. Rattan Outdoor Patio Egg Chair

Rattan Outdoor Patio Egg Chair

One of the best ways to enjoy your day off in style is by lounging in one of these rattan egg swing chairs. The chair is made with premium-quality materials, such as the sturdy powder-coated steel frame that serves as a stand for improved durability. The seat is made with stylish synthetic rattan, intricately woven for that luxurious feel.

Experience utmost relaxation right in your backyard with its all-weather cushion enclosed in water- and fade-resistant material. Quality and comfort is what makes this hanging egg chair with stand excellent value for your money.

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2. Wicker Hanging Teardrop Chair

Wicker Hanging Teardrop Chair

Transform your patio into a luxury vacation resort with this teardrop hanging chair. This eye-catching chair has a sturdy and comfortable black-brown faux wicker with a convenient handle on the side. The stunning color makes it easy for any home designers to mix and match with other outdoor decors. The chair is supported by a sturdy iron frame, making it a dependable home furniture piece.

It is worth noting that this state-of-the-art creation has a custom-fitted polyester seat cushion that is perfect for all weather. Overall, this hanging egg chair makes for a great addition to your outdoor patio design.

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3. Outdoor Patio Lounge Egg Swing Chair

Outdoor Patio Lounge Egg Swing Chair

Make your garden design complete with this unique lounge egg swing chair set. It features a rattan-woven body forming those elaborate swirls giving it that exquisite style. The chair design comes with high-quality powder-coated steel that supports the chair’s body, allowing for that slight and slow swinging motion.

This backyard must-have has a weather-proof white cushion that complements the solid colour of the wicker. To further withstand heat and water, the cushion has a machine-washable, fade and water-resistant cover. It’s the ultimate spot to unwind and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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4. Hanging Egg Loveseat Chair

Hanging Egg Loveseat Chair

Your weekend can’t come soon enough with this hanging egg loveseat chair waiting in your patio. Indulge in its soft cushion providing that coziness you never thought you needed. This is comfort and style built into one awesome egg chair. Its minimalist design also makes it easier to pair with other decors in and outside the house.

This comfortable hanging egg chair creates that homey and inviting vibe making you want to sit in it for a long time. With its wide seating space, that could easily accommodate two people, this chair will soon become yoour family’s favorite. Keep in mind though that the shape of the seat is more like a pumpkin, rather than an egg.

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5. Wicker Rattan Egg Swing Chair

Wicker Rattan Egg Swing Chair

Create that 5-star resort vibe right in your garden, patio, or poolside, with this gray and white swing egg chair. The artistic and contemporary design elevates your patio to new levels with its delicate rattan-woven material and elegant color. Its sophisticated wide tear-drop design gives off that high-end tropical experience.

The cushion is made with high-grade polyester, suitable for any type of weather. Providing the utmost quality and comfort, the soft cushion is water and fade resistant. This hanging egg chair with stand can accommodate a weight of up to 265 lbs.

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Why Your House Needs a Hanging Egg Chair

It’s pretty obvious why an egg chair is called an egg chair. But this brilliant piece of furniture design didn’t just randomly come about. A renowned Danish designer named Arne Jacobsen invented and designed the egg chair for the Radisson SAS hotel in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen.

Since that first invention, different types of egg chairs have been brought to market, always maintaining that egg shape design. One of those variations is the hanging egg chair with stand, which not only gives you the comfort of sitting on a large cushion, but it also swings.

Many people aspire to wake up to a porch, a patio, or a garden that makes them feel like they’re on a luxurious holiday, and this is where a hanging egg chair with stand fits in perfectly. With the dynamic changes in home outdoor design and decors, there are pieces of furniture that can be both cost-saving and classy.

Hanging egg chair on terrace area
Hanging egg chair on terrace area

A well-designed hanging egg chair on your patio provides a modernistic approach to outdoor home design. It helps to transform any regular patio into a stylish and exclusive section of the home. Not only are egg chairs sleek and fancy, they also are comfortable to rest and read a book while basking in the afternoon sun.

Hanging egg chairs come in various different styles, sizes and colors, so you can instantly achieve that sophisticated lounging area right in your patio by choosing one that blends in with the rest of your outdoor furniture.

When selecting that perfect outdoor hanging egg chair, it is important to take into consideration the durability and build of the product. The materials used must be weather-proof to ensure they can deal with different climates. Another aspect to take into consideration is comfort, so make sure the cushion is nice and soft, and the frame with stand is sturdy.


5 Comfortable outdoor hanging egg chairs with stand

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