5 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables (2023 Guide)

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Last updated: April 2, 2023

Reviews of five of the best outdoor table tennis tables, based on materials, size, features, accessories, portability, and price.

Ping pong is one of those rare games that can be enjoyed as much by the novice player as by the professional. The simple concept, combined with the fact that it only takes two people to play, makes it a great choice for keeping children as well as adults entertained.

Unfortunately, this thrilling game does require quite a bit of space. For those that don’t have that kind of space to spare inside their homes, an outdoor ping pong table can be a great solution.

But not all table tennis tables are made to be placed out in the elements. To help you find the right table to meet your outdoor requirements, we’ve rated the five best outdoor ping pong tables on the market today.

Top Pick
STIGA XTR Professional Table Tennis...
Second Choice
GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set...
108 x 60 x 30 inches
72 x 36 x 30 inches
Aluminum frame
Aluminum frame
Top Pick
STIGA XTR Professional Table Tennis...
108 x 60 x 30 inches
Aluminum frame
Second Choice
GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set...
72 x 36 x 30 inches
Aluminum frame

Top 5 Outdoor Table Tennis Tables:

Table Tennis Table Price
1 Stiga XTR Pro Table Tennis Table Price
2 GoSports Midsize Portable Ping Pong Table Price
3 Pro-Spin Midsize Foldable Ping Pong Table Price
4 GoSports Tournament Table Tennis Set Price
5 Joola Nova Pro Plus Table Tennis Table Price

Top 5 Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

Each table tennis product below was built to be durable enough to withstand weather, and portable and compact enough to pack away as needed. We made sure to pick tables in various sizes so you can find the perfect one for your deck, patio, or outdoor space.

And for those who aren’t quite sure what they need, we’ve included a handy ping pong table buying guide further below.

1. Stiga XTR Pro Table Tennis Table

Stiga XTR Pro Table Tennis Table

The Stiga XTR Pro Table Tennis Table is purpose-built for outdoor use and regulation size for serious enthusiasts.

The play surface is made of durable aluminum composite that is highly weather-resistant while offering excellent playability. The net is rated for wet weather, and all elements are sun resistant.

At 108″ by 30″ by 60″, this is a full-sized regulation table. You’ll need a good deal of space to set it up and play, but for those looking for the real ping pong experience or hoping for a table large enough to play doubles, this is the only way to go. That extra size makes it a little more tedious to store, but it does easily fold down to 23″ by 60″ by 64″ when it’s time to pack the game up.

Durability isn’t the only important factor for an outdoor table. Your set also needs to be easy to maneuver and highly adjustable in case you encounter uneven ground. The Stiga XTR has extra-large, 6″ double-wheeled castors, and independent height adjustable legs for assuring a level surface no matter where you are.

This large table can accommodate up to four players for doubles games. It can also be set to solo mode, with the second half of the table folded vertically to act as a wall. This is a great feature for those looking to hone their skills on their own and for children who may not always have an available playmate.

This high-quality, professional-style outdoor ping pong table was made with the serious table tennis player in mind, and it has a price tag to match. But for an outdoor table that is super-simple to assemble, regulation size, and easy to maneuver, you won’t easily find a better option.

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2. GoSports Midsize Portable Ping Pong Table

GoSports Midsize Portable Ping Pong Table

If you want a quality table you can count on to weather the elements but don’t have the space for a regulation-sized product or the budget for a pricey set, then the GoSports Midsize Portable Ping Pong Table is a great option.

This midsize ping pong table is 72″ long by 36″ wide. You won’t be able to squeeze a doubles game in on this narrow table, but it is still plenty large enough for two adults or children to enjoy.

This smaller table is also lighter-weight than your typical full-size and much more portable because of it. The GoSports Midsize can be easily folded in half and stored away in a closet or crawlspace when not in use. When fully collapsed, it measures 36″ by 36″ and features a convenient carrying handle.

The frame is made of heavy-duty, durable aluminum, while the playing surface is made of sealed MDF. This makes the table highly weather resistant but does mean there’s a potential for the wood to warp or crack if left in the sun or rain for long periods. We recommend storing this table inside if you don’t plan to use it for long stretches.

The GoSports MidSize table comes with two paddles, four balls, and an accessory carrying case. The price tag is budget-friendly and perfect for the recreational ping-pong-playing family.

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3. Pro-Spin Midsize Foldable Ping Pong Table

Pro-Spin Midsize Foldable Ping Pong Table

Looking for a small table with durability to last? The Pro-Spin Midsize Foldable Ping Pong Table has you covered.

This small table sits at just 71″ long and 41″ wide, making it perfect for smaller decks, yards, and patios. But don’t let the size fool you; this table is made of the same high-quality materials as our regulation-sized options, making it a great choice for those who want a table they can store outside.

The frame is made of thick aluminum, and the tabletop of 15mm aluminum composite. There are no wood components, so no worries about shrinking or warping.

Each of the six legs is adjustable, so you can get a level playing surface even on uneven ground. These legs fold up easily, and the table folds in half for easy storage without any extra pieces to keep track of. When fully broken down, this table measures 35.5″ by 41″.

The set comes with four paddles, eight balls, and a convenient carrying case for all. Considering the quality and many features, this table is very well priced. The table comes with a 1-year warranty.

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4. GoSports Tournament Table Tennis Set

GoSports Tournament Table Tennis Set

For flat decks and concrete patios, the GoSports Tournament Table Tennis Set is a great choice. Like our other full-sized options, this one can fold up for solo play, with one side acting as a wall.

This regulation-sized table (108″ by 30″ by 72″) is as beautiful as it is functional. An aluminum frame, durable aluminum composite table, and snap-to installation make it an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor use. The wheels on this table are smaller than our other large table choices, a great feature for storage and easy maneuvering on flat surfaces, but not optimal for uneven terrain.

More so than the other tables we featured, this one seems to weather wet conditions without issue. We wouldn’t leave it outside all winter, but it is a good choice for those who don’t plan to stow their table each time it gets a little rainy.

You’ll pay for that durability, but if that’s what you’re after, this is a very good table to go with.

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5. Joola Nova Pro Plus Table Tennis Table

Joola Nova Pro Plus Table Tennis Table

Another great outdoor ping pong table option for serious enthusiasts is the Joola Nova Pro Plus Table Tennis Table.

Like the Stiga XTR, this regulation-sized table has several user-friendly features that make it perfect for big outdoor spaces. It has a similarly durable build with a strong aluminum frame and composite play surface. The different layers of the table itself are less likely to pull apart with this model, however, making it a better choice for those who want to be able to leave the table outside between uses.

Except for one exposed seam where the two halves of the table meet, this product is incredibly weather and sun resistant. We just wouldn’t leave it uncovered in the rain if you could help it. The Joola can also fold up for solo play, with one side acting as a wall.

When set up, the table is 108″ by 30″ by 60″. It sits on four adjustable feet and multiple 6″ high doubled-wheeled castors. These wheels make it easy to roll this table out over even rough surfaces. Once folded up, it stands at 63.5″ tall and 61″ wide.

The Joola carries a similar price tag to the Stiga and is about as easy to assemble. It comes in a flat box mostly put together, except for a few bolts and the castors. Finishing the assembly only takes about 10 minutes.

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Buying Guide

Not sure which table is best suited for your needs?

Our ping pong table buying guide will walk you through the various considerations you should look at before selecting a product that best meets your personal needs:

  1. Outdoor vs indoor
  2. Features and accessories
  3. Size
  4. Storage and portability

1. Outdoor vs Indoor

The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor tables is durability.

Indoor tables are typically made with wood composite materials or fiberboard. These are lightweight and add plenty of spring to the playing surface, but they do not handle rain or sun well. The base can be made of wood, aluminum, or steel.

Outdoor tables are typically made from a combination of an aluminum table frame and an aluminum composite surface. Less durable types incorporate wood or fiberboard into this surface, while more durable options use plastic. The lower frames are typically made of weather-proof aluminum.

But the materials used are not the only difference between indoor and outdoor rated tables.

Outdoor tables often also have adjustable legs to account for uneven ground. Many larger tables also have large wheels that can handle being maneuvered over rough terrain. The net on outdoor tables is typically made of synthetic, waterproof fibers, while indoor tables may use organic fibers that are more prone to mold growth.

If you plan to use your table inside and outside, you are best off getting an outdoor-rated table. Even if your ping pong table is only left outside for short periods, the added durability and features common to outdoor tables will make the additional cost of the purchase worth it in the long run.

2. Features and Accessories

Many tables come with additional features that go far beyond a durable table.

Here are some worth looking for:

  • Easy clamp-on net:
    The most user-friendly nets use a simple clamp-on design for quick installation. These nets are also easy to store as they can be quickly rolled up over the clamps without getting tangled.
  • Solo play mode:
    Many full-sized tables can be set up so one side is attached in the vertical position. This side acts as a wall so you can practice without the help of a partner.
  • Casters:
    Most large tables have casters with large or small wheels that make positioning the table easier. These castors are also useful for moving the table around once it has been folded up.
  • Included accessories:
    Some tables come with paddles and balls, while others include only the table and net. This is worth checking into if you don’t already own your own ping pong set.

3. Size

Ping pong tables come in various sizes to fit different spaces and needs.

The largest tables, which are regulation size, are 108 inches long, 60 inches wide, and 30 inches tall. These tables are large enough for doubles play but take substantially more space to store. Keep in mind as well that a large table needs a particularly large area for use; a room of at least 19 feet long and 11 feet long is recommended.

Outdoor table tennis

Mid-sized tables are a good compromise between space and useability. These types tend to be around 70 inches long and 36 inches wide and are highly storable. Those that are slightly wider can accommodate tight doubles play, but most in this size range are only suited for singles play.

Tables any smaller than mid-sized are typically only going to be suitable for children.

4. Storage and Portability

Almost all ping pong tables break down for storage. There are three different break-down configurations these tables fall into:

Quad-fold tables:
These fold both horizontally and vertically. These products are nice because they are quite compact when broken down and the easiest to store. However, they are much more difficult to assemble and often require at least two people to fold back out. They also have added problems with durability due to all the extra corners and seams.

Bi-fold tables:
These only fold once along the net line. Large bi-folds typically have wheels for moving around, while smaller options can be carried with relative ease. On the downside, these tend to be bulky and more difficult to store.

Two-piece tables:
These are similar to bi-folds, except that the two pieces come apart once the table is folded up. This is nice because each piece is lighter and easier to move around. They are also less bulky, which opens up more storage options. But, of course, moving around two pieces is always going to require more time and labor than a single-piece table.


Outdoor table tennis table buying guide

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