5 Top Rated Portable Badminton Sets (2024 Guide)

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Last updated: February 29, 2024

Reviews of five of the best portable badminton net sets for backyard play, based on materials, size, ease of setup, price, and more.

Badminton is the perfect family sport to play at the beach, in the park, or in the backyard. You don’t need a ton of space for it, and it doesn’t require an anchored net or heavy-duty equipment.

Because of this, many badminton sets are far more storable and portable than other sports sets. This makes them a popular product, which means there are a lot of options to choose from.

To help you find the best portable badminton set for your family, we’ve tested and reviewed the highest-rated products that are as easy to use and set up as they are to break down and store.

Top Pick
FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set with...
Second Choice
Patiassy Professional Badminton Set with...
10 x 5 feet
20 x 5 feet
Includes 2 rackets
Includes 4 rackets
Top Pick
FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set with...
10 x 5 feet
Includes 2 rackets
Second Choice
Patiassy Professional Badminton Set with...
20 x 5 feet
Includes 4 rackets

Top 5 Portable Badminton Nets:

Badminton Set Price
1 FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set Price
2 Patiassy Portable Badminton Set Price
3 Boulder Portable Multisport Net Set Price
4 Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Price
5 Triumph Sports Portable Badminton Set Price

Top 5 Portable Badminton Nets

In such a crowded market, discerning quality sets from cheap imitations can be difficult. We have reviewed each of the below products for quality and usability, and each offers different features, height settings, and accessories.

Further below, you can read our handy buying guide, so you know what to look for in a brand new portable badminton set for your backyard.

1. FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set

FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set

In terms of portability and ease of setup, you cannot beat the FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set.

This simple, user-friendly set comes in a compact carrying case that is highly portable and barely weighs anything at all. When you’re ready to set up, simply pop the case open, secure the telescoping poles into the sides, and install the net. Even kids can set this net up in less than five minutes.

For use on flat surfaces in low-wind situations, this net will stand perfectly on its own. For more uneven terrains or days with a bit of wind, you can easily use rocks or sand to weigh the base down.

The telescopic poles are made from PVC. They are not as durable as metal options but are much lighter. This is great if you plan to pack the set around the beach and on camping trips. The case, which doubles as the base, is plastic and very lightweight.

Each set comes with two steel rackets, two shuttlecocks, a carrying case, poles, a net, and matching tape for the racket handles. You can find this set in green, blue, red, or yellow. This net stands at 5 feet high and just about 10 feet wide.

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2. Patiassy Portable Badminton Set

Patiassy Portable Badminton Set

If your biggest concern is finding a quality badminton set that will last for years, you’ll want to take a look at the Patiassy Portable Badminton Set.

This portable net was built with the serious badminton player in mind. Setup takes a little longer, but the result is a sturdy net that can withstand wind and rough play. Thanks to the handy winch system built into each support, the net can be quickly tightened throughout play to ensure a taught surface.

Setup with this set is a bit more complicated than other options but well worth it for a net that won’t blow over. The thick, powder-coated stainless steel legs must be fitted together and then anchored with the ropes and steel stakes. The net is easy enough to stretch between the poles but must also be attached to the pulley system for added stability.

The entire set weighs about 10 pounds and fits nicely into the durable carrying bag. Included with this set are four carbon fiber rackets, two goose-feather shuttlecocks, four ground stakes, a pulley system, poles, and a high visibility net. The set comes with an impressive 3-year warranty.

The net is regulation size and much larger than other portable options at 20 feet wide. The net stands at 5 feet high.

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3. Boulder Portable Multisport Net Set

Boulder Portable Multisport Net Set

For a set that can keep the kids entertained long after they’ve tired of badminton, the Boulder Portable Multisport Net Set is an excellent choice.

This multi-talented net set is highly adjustable and can be set to three different heights. At its lowest height, ground level, it’s the perfect net for soccer or tennis, or for volleyball in the pool. At the highest setting, it works as a badminton or volleyball net. The middle setting is just the right height for kids to practice their badminton or volleyball skills.

The poles are made of steel and break down into multiple 3-foot sections. Each leg comes with two stabilizer feet. These work very well on the lower net settings but may require some anchoring with rocks or sandbags if the net is extended in windy conditions.

All the pieces can be easily stored in the included carrying bag. The entire set weighs about 8 pounds. Note that this product only includes the items for constructing and storing the net. Badminton rackets and shuttlecocks must be purchased separately. The net can be adjusted between 3 feet and 5 feet high and is about 17 feet wide.

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4. Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo

Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo

If you’re looking for a complete set, with rackets, shuttlecocks, a net, and boundary lines, then the Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo set is worth a look.

This set, which can double as a badminton and a volleyball net, is highly portable and easy to set up. The adjustable, heavy-duty steel poles hold the net steady in place and make it easy to adjust its height, although getting the net straight and tight requires a bit of effort.

All the parts break down nicely to fit in the durable, weather-resistant carry bag. Overall, this is a good-quality badminton set for the whole family that offers excellent value for money.

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5. Triumph Sports Portable Badminton Set

Triumph Sports Portable Badminton Set

Looking for a little flash in your portable badminton set? This 4-player Triumph Sports Portable Badminton Set gives you that and more.

Like our top pick, this set is highly portable and super easy to set up. Simply extend the telescopic poles, install them in the base, and attach the net. When you’re done, everything breaks down for easy storage.

The base, which doubles as a handy carrying bag, contains a weighted plastic insert with designated spots for each item. This insert is wrapped in weatherproof cloth that gives the set a much sleeker look than other kits. At about 9 pounds total, this set is a little heavier than others but still highly portable.

The entire set is adorned in blue, red, and white embellishments. There are stars on the edges of the net and an American flag on the carrying case. There is no more perfect game set to celebrate Independence Day or Memorial Weekend with your family!

This set includes the net and poles, four lightweight rackets, two shuttlecocks, and the carrying case. The net stands at 5 feet high and is about 11 feet wide.

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Buying Guide

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to portable badminton sets. Many trade portability with durability, and some include unique features that can be worth the extra cost.

Here are some of the aspects you should consider before committing to any one product:

  1. Size and height
  2. Adjustability
  3. Materials
  4. Ease of setup
  5. Portability

If you’re thinking of creating a permanent badminton court in your backyard, check out my badminton court dimensions guide, with a complete outline of all the elements that make up a court.

1. Size and Height

A regulation-sized badminton net stands at 5 feet high and 20 feet across. The Patiassy Portable Badminton Set is one of the few portable options we found that featured a standard-sized net. Most portable kits are 5 feet tall but are well under 20 feet wide.

Smaller nets, those under 14 feet wide, are fine for one-on-one games. But for two-on-two and beyond, you’ll want a net that is at least 17 feet wide.

2. Adjustability

Some nets, like the Boulder Portable Multisport Net Set, can be adjusted for height. These are great for families that want to get more out of their net set than just a rousing game of badminton.

At the lowest setting, these nets are perfect for soccer and tennis. Those that are wide enough can even be stretched across the pool for water volleyball.

At the highest setting, these nets are perfect for beach volleyball and badminton. Some can also be secured at a middle height. This is great for smaller kids who struggle to get the birdie over a standard height net.

3. Materials

When it comes to the materials badminton sets are made of, you’ll always be trading durability for portability.

Those that utilize steel poles are much more likely to last but will be heavier to lug around. If the kit requires you to insert the pole parts into one another, then they should be made of metal. Plastic poles that fit together this way are much more likely to break with repeated use.

Portable badminton net in backyard

Plastic telescoping poles are another common option. These are typically made of PVC, which is denser than other plastics but still lightweight. These won’t last as long as metal but are much easier to carry around.

It is also worth checking the netting material that is used as well as how the netting is connected to the poles. Look for durable materials that are rated to handle sun and rain.

4. Ease of Setup

The easiest nets to set up utilize telescopic poles that attach to a single base anchor. These take literally minutes to put together and are just as easy to break down. However, these types tend to be less stable and are not suitable for rough play.

Nets that use two poles with their own stabilizing feet or that anchor to the ground, take more time to set up and break down. But these tend to be more stable. Those with anchors are most appropriate for rough play, net contact, and windy weather.

5. Portability

In addition to the total weight of the product, which is determined by the materials used, the portability of the product will have a lot to do with the carrying case.

Single-base nets usually include a wide carrying case made of plastic. These are fairly compact and easy enough to lug around. However, they typically do not feature a shoulder strap and are less desirable for carrying long distances.

Net-only sets often come with a slim, cloth carrying bag that is easy to pack and haul. If the bag doesn’t accommodate the rackets as well as the net, it may be worth investing in a duffel-sized bag. This way, you can keep everything neatly together and only have one thing to carry around.


Portable badminton set buying guide

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