15 Fun Outdoor Parachute Games for Kids

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Last updated: March 24, 2021

Playing parachute games outside in the backyard is one of the most effective ways to keep young children entertained. The amount of games that can be played with one big parachute is endless, and kids can have tons of fun for hours on end.

Parachute games are simple and fun, they promote team bonding, they help kids develop various skills, they help socialize, and best of all, they keep kids active.

In this article I am going to share with you 15 of the best outdoor parachute games that kids will absolutely love. Some of these game are pure for fun and entertainment, while others also have educational value.

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Top 15 Best Parachute Games

In no particular order, here is my top 15 outdoor parachute games.

If you’ve played parachute games as a kid yourself, some of these may even bring back some great memories.

1. Number Clock

This is a basic parachute game, which is great to get kids used to the parachute and let them warm up for more complicated games to come.

The set up for this number clock game is very basic. Place random numbers (on cards) around the outside of the parachute, so that each color in the parachute has a different number.

Instruct each child to stand at a number and grab the parachute. Put on some music and get the children to walk in the same direction while holding their part of the parachute, leaving the numbers on the floor.

Once the music stops, the kids must stop walking. Each child must read out the number they’ve stopped at. This game can help get kids familiar with counting and learning numbers while having fun and being active.

2. Bounce Count

Another basic but fun parachute game is bounce count. Get a ball (rubber ball, soft ball, beach ball, anything will do) and place it in the center of the parachute.

Instruct all children to grab the parachute, and in unison, bounce the ball into the air as high as possible. As the ball is in the air, all kids must count out loud, starting with one.

Once the ball lands back in the parachute, bounce it again high up in the air and continue counting. This game helps kids to learn counting, and also to work together as a team.

3. Cross the Bridge

Cross the bridge is my personal favorite parachute game, as there is an element of excitement and suspense.

Cross the bridge parachute game

Get the children to spread around the parachute and hold it at chest height or higher. Call out the name of a child who then needs to run under the parachute and try to make it to the other side without getting trapped by the other kids.

4. Parachute Tug of War

Tug of war is a classic game for all ages, and kids sure love to play it as well. Split the group into two teams and have them stand on opposite sides of the parachute. Instruct them each to grab the parachute and, on your call, begin tugging.

The rules are simple. The first team that pulls the other side onto their side wins. Kids will love the competition element and team aspect of this parachute game.

5. Sea Waves

This parachute game requires a lot of energy to make it work, so make sure the kids are ready for this.

Get the kids to hold the parachute at waist height. Then create two teams, A and B, evenly spread around the parachute. On your count, one team has to sit, and the other team has to stand, while holding the parachute.

The idea is to create a wave effect by alternating the siting and standing up as quickly as possible.

6. Color Game

This is a fun parachute game that will help kids get familiar with colors, whilst also improving their coordination skills.

Place the parachute flat on the ground with the children standing around it. You call out a color, and the participants then have to stand on the part of the parachute that matches that color.

As the game progresses, you can make it more exciting by giving more detailed instructions. For example, place the left leg on the color yellow. Or, jump to the color green.

There are no limits to this game here, just use your imagination, and everyone will be having a fantastic time.

7. Popcorn Game

This is a super fun game that requires a bit of teamwork. Gab a whole bunch of small balls (tennis balls, soft balls), and get the kids to start bouncing as fast and as hard as possible.

Popcorn parachute game

The trick is to do this in unison, otherwise this game will turn into chaos (although that can be fun too!). The kids need to keep bouncing the parachute until all balls have fallen off on to the ground.

If it’s a warm summer’s day, consider using water balloons for even more fun and entertainment, just be ready to get wet.

8. Shake Hands

Begin this parachute game by having each child grab the edge of the parachute and lift it up above their heads.

You will call out two names, and those two children will run underneath the parachute to shake each other’s hands, and then run back. They must be back in their position before the parachute drops and traps them.

9. Treasure Hunt

This parachute game requires a little planning on your part. Prepare a little treasure box and fill it with small toys and prizes for the children.

Get all participants to hold the parachute from the edges and lift it to knee level. Place the box on the floor underneath. Call out the children’s names one at a time and tell them which toy or prize they need to retrieve.

Each child will then need to crawl under the parachute to find the treasure. Just make sure you include enough prizes for everyone, so no one is left out!

10. Merry-Go-Round

This is another parachute game that is great for a bit of physical exercise and chaotic entertainment.

Merry-go-round parachute game

Get all the children to hold the parachute with one hand, all facing the same direction. On your call, get the kids to start walking in a circle, while firmly holding the parachute. Then, on your command, the kids need to quickly change hands, turn around, and walk the other direction.

This game can go on for as long as you like, and you can make it a bit more complicated by including instructions such as sitting or jumping.

11. Shoe Shuffle

This parachute game works best when there is a large group of kids involved. Divide the children into 2, 3 or 4 groups, and assign each group a number.

On your call, all the kids have to take their shoes off and thrown them underneath the parachute. Get the kids to slowly walk in circles with the parachute, and then suddenly call out a number.

All kids in that group with that number need to then crawl under the parachute, retrieve their shoes, and put them back on as quickly as they possible can.

12. Lego Color Matching Game

If you have Lego bricks at home, and your kids enjoy playing with Lego, then this parachute game is going to be a lot of fun.

Lay the parachute flat on the ground. Get a big bucket of Lego bricks and spread them out outside the parachute. On your call, the kids need to collect all the bricks and place them on the parachute, such that the colors of the bricks match the colors on the parachute.

This game will improve their coordination skills, teamwork skills, all while getting familiar with all the different colors that exist.

13. Roll the Ball

Most parachutes will have a hole in the center. The objective of this game is to collectively try and roll a ball into this hole.

The kids need to hold the parachute firmly, such that it is as straight as possible. They then need to work together as a team and make sure the ball is directed to the hole in the center of the parachute.

This is a great game to develop team work and coordination skills, and perhaps a bit of patience!

14. Big Mushroom

The mushroom game is perhaps the most classic parachute game, and is tons of fun because it’s so easy to to do.

Big mushroom parachute game

All participating children grab the edge of the parachute and hold it at knee level. On your call, they need to lift the parachute up as high and as quickly as possible, catching the wind underneath, creating a big mushroom like shape.

You can make this game a bit more complicated by adding a few rules. For example, you can get some participants to quickly go to the center of the mushroom and hold it up, while other children walk inwards with the parachute edge, to further emphasize the mushroom shape.

15. Balloon Game

Let’s conclude this list of fun outdoor parachute games that is super easy to do and will create a bit of a wow effect with kids.

Place a whole bunch of balloons on top of the parachute. Get all participants to evenly spread around the parachute and hold the handles. On the count of three, everyone needs to quickly lift up the parachute, and then bring it down just as fast.

This will get the balloons to float in the air, which is a fantastic visual effect, and triggers a sense of achievement.


15 Fun parachute games for kids

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