5 Best Sprinkler Splash Pads for Toddlers (2023 Guide)

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Last updated: January 10, 2023

Reviews of five of the best sprinkler splash pads for toddlers and kids, based on materials, size, features, durability, price, and more.

Toddler splash parks have recently become a fixture in parks and city centers across the nation. These interactive water features are perfect for toddlers and young children to play on those hot summer days.

But you don’t have to leave your house to enjoy the benefits of a splash park. You can buy your own mini version and set it up right in your backyard, as there is a huge selection of toddler splash pads on the market.

To help you choose the best one for your family, we put together this list of the best sprinkler splash pads for toddlers and kids.

Top 5 Splash Pads:

Splash Pad Price
1 SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad Price
2 Splashie XXL Sprinkler Splash Pool Price
3 PerkyPack Sprinkler Splash Pad Price
4 Jasonwell Sprinkler Splash Pad Price
5 Growsland Splash Pad Price

Top 5 Splash Pads

Let’s go through these five sprinkler splash pads in a bit more detail.

1. SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad

SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad

You won’t easily find a better option for toddlers than the SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad.

This 60-inch splash pad is rimmed by low sides that keep the water depth in the pad below two inches. This makes the SplashEZ the perfect product for toddlers who are still learning their way around water.

The pad hooks directly to the garden hose and uses water pressure to fill the outer ring and power the sprinklers. With this pool alternative, you don’t have to mess with hand pumps or blow up anything manually. Just hook it up, turn the water on, and watch the fun begin.

SplashEZ is available in five fun designs: world map, US map, solar system, colored balloons, and alphabet. Each pattern provides the perfect base for learning and play. Best of all, this splash pad is BPA and phthalate-free.

Because this pool requires the hose to inflate, it is not a good choice for those looking for a splash pad that can double as a ball pit or indoor toy. But for those hoping for a toddler-approved splash park for one or two young tots to enjoy, this is the perfect product.

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2. Splashie XXL Sprinkler Splash Pool

Splashie XXL Sprinkler Splash Pool

If you’ve been trying to decide between a kiddie pool and a splash pad, the Splashie XXL Sprinkler Splash Pool is worth considering.

This extra-large, 82-inch splash pad has high inflatable sides that allow it to double as a traditional wading pool. Fill it up to the brim for the little ones to swim and splash around in. To increase the fun, hook up the hose to activate the 360 degrees of sprinklers.

The outer ring must be inflated before use as a pool or splash pad. We recommend using a hand or electric pump because it holds a decent air volume. For indoor fun, you can skip the hose and use the inflated pool as a ball pit.

The Splashie XXL is an impressive 82 inches long but not too wide. It is perfect for about three small kids to play in. Because of the higher sides, this splash pad is best for older toddlers and younger children, always with adult supervision.

This pad comes with a 6-month warranty and two free pairs of kids’ sunglasses, and is available in blue and pink.

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3. PerkyPack Sprinkler Splash Pad

PerkyPack Sprinkler Splash Pad

For long-lasting fun for the whole family, the PerkyPack Sprinkler Splash Pad is the way to go.

This 68-inch diameter pad has a larger surface area than most and is durable enough for even the family dog to get involved in the fun. Like the SplashEZ, this pad doesn’t require any inflating. Simply hook it to your garden hose and watch it come to life.

The sides are only a few inches high, which allows the pad to collect some water, but not enough to be hazardous to younger users. The sprinklers that run along each side can be adjusted for height by increasing or decreasing the water pressure.

Like most splash pads, this one is made of safe PVC and is BPA-free. It features a fun outer space theme that most kids love. But be warned; the dark material tends to get hot if left in the sun without the water running. This is a great feature for getting the pool to dry quickly before storage, but it does pose a hazard to bare feet.

The PerkyPack Pad is large enough for 3 to 4 young kids to play on at once. While it can’t be used indoors or without the hose attached, it is the perfect way to keep the kids cool and entertained this summer.

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4. Jasonwell Sprinkler Splash Pad

Jasonwell Sprinkler Splash Pad

Another great choice for larger families is the Jasonwell Sprinkler Splash Pad.

This round 68-inch pad has plenty of surface area to keep the kids entertained. And it comes with an oversized shark decal in the center that provides the perfect backdrop for fun summer selfies.

Like other splash pads featured here, this product requires no pumps or inflation. The outer edge automatically expands once you hook up your garden hose. Many users have reported that the sprinklers tend to spray outward at first, but this can be easily fixed by rotating the outer ring inward once it is filled with water.

Once the sprinklers are turned the right way, the pool quickly fills with about three inches of water. This is the perfect depth for older toddlers and young children. This pool is made of PVC, is BPA-free, and is large enough to fit up to 4 kiddos at once.

Our favorite feature of this pool is the textured bottom that helps prevent slipping. This is especially helpful for toddlers that are still learning how to walk and maneuver in the water.

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5. Growsland Splash Pad

Growsland Splash Pad

The largest splash mat we found was the Growsland Splash Pad.

This super-large square mat is 67 inches by 67 inches and has the same surface area as a 75-inch circular pad. It is the perfect solution for large families looking for a fun and active way to cool off on a hot summer day.

The outer edge of this splash pad does not require inflation. Once you have it hooked up to your garden hose, the rim will expand, and the sprinklers will begin firing from the many holes along the sides. At full blast, the sprinklers on this pad can reach almost 5 feet high.

The pad features a fun underwater scene with colorful fish and sea life. And the light blue background stays cool to the touch even when the water isn’t running.

The Growsland Splash Pad is a great buy at an affordable price, especially for large families. But it may not be the best buy for those looking for a splash pad they can break out summer after summer. The PVC material is thinner than other choices and prone to tearing.

But for a few months of beating the heat, this splash pad is a great choice.

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Buying Guide

We’ve all seen splash pads in parks and other recreation areas, and toddlers and kids love them. They are also considered safe because they hold little or no standing water.

Sprinkler splash pads for in the backyard are a pretty straightforward buy. But there are some features and considerations worth thinking about before you commit to any one product:

We put together this handy buying guide to help you narrow your choices and find the right splash pad for your and your toddler’s needs, looking at the following considerations:

  1. Recommended age
  2. Size
  3. Materials
  4. Features and design

1. Recommended Age

You’ll see a variety of age recommendations on splash pad products. Many recommend they be used by children three and older. But this typically has less to do with the safety of the pad itself and more with the size of the parts that come with the pad.

The truth is, once a splash pad is put together, these small parts will not be accessible to young children. From here, the main consideration for age of use is how deep the water in the pad will get.

Splash pads that expand by hose pressure will only hold a few inches of water. These are a great choice for younger toddlers.

Alternatively, splash pads with inflatable sides, such as the Splashie XXL Sprinkler Splash Pool, can get quite deep. Unlike a traditional pool that can be filled to a desired height, these pools will continue to fill via the sprinklers until the water is sloshing over the edge. These types of splash pads are more appropriate for older toddlers and young children.

Of course, no matter the age, it is always important to supervise your children while they play with their splash pads.

2. Size

Splash pads come in a variety of sizes, from the small, like the 60-inch SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad, to the extra-large, like the 82-inch Splashie XXL Sprinkler Splash Pool.

The larger the pad, the more children can enjoy it at once. This is something worth considering if you have multiple children or a single kiddo with a lot of friends.

Small pads are great for their storability and because they are much easier to dry out. Small pads with inflatable sides are also easier to move between the playroom and the backyard.

3. Materials

Like inflatable pools, splash pads are typically made with PVC material. PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride, is free from BPA and similar chemicals that are considered unsafe for children.

However, many flexible PVC products include added phthalates, many of which are also considered unsafe for children in high doses.

If you’re concerned about your child drinking the water or coming into contact with these kinds of materials, consider a splash pad that utilizes phthalate-free PVC, such as the SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad.

4. Features and Design

The design and color of the pad are essential aspects of your kid’s entertainment. Most pads come with fun designs, such as under the sea or outer space. Some even come with educational designs like the alphabet or maps.

Sprinkler placement and number is another aspect worth considering. All of the top-rated sprinkler pads we found feature 360 degrees of sprinklers that run along the entire outside edge.

The spacing between these sprinklers plays a big role in how high the sprinklers will spray. For greater heights, look for pads with fewer sprinkler holes.

Final Thoughts

Sprinkler splash pads are a great, affordable option for keeping the kids cool in the summer without leaving the house.

For endless fun for large families, we recommend the Growsland Splash Pad. This square mat has plenty of surface area for all your kids and comes with a fun under-the-sea design.

For younger toddlers and smaller spaces, we recommend the educational SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad. This shallow pad comes in five fantastic designs and is super easy to set up and store.


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