5 Top Rated Tee-Ball Sets for Kids

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Reviews of five of the best tee ball sets for toddlers and young kids, based on age, adjustability, durability, and additional functionality.

Let’s face it; there aren’t many toddlers and young kids out there who don’t enjoy smacking things with a stick.

Whether you have visions of your little chaos machine hitting for the Yankees someday or just need something to occupy their energy, a toddler tee-ball set is a great way to fulfill that instinct.

To help you sort through the various options available, we’ve picked and reviewed five of the best tee-ball sets suitable for toddlers and young kids.

Top Pick
Little Tikes T-Ball Set, Red, 5 Balls,...
Second Choice
Liberry Adjustable T-Ball Set for Kids...
Max 22 inches high
Max 32 inches high
Top Pick
Little Tikes T-Ball Set, Red, 5 Balls,...
Max 22 inches high
Second Choice
Liberry Adjustable T-Ball Set for Kids...
Max 32 inches high

Top 5 T-Ball Sets:

T-Ball Set Price
1 Little Tikes T-Ball Set Price
2 Liberry Adjustable T-Ball Set Price
3 Franklin Sports MLB Super Star Batter Price
4 Step2 2-in-1 T-Ball and Golf Set Price
5 Franklin Sports MLB XT Kids Baseball Tee Price

Top 5 T-Ball Sets

The below sets cover the most basic to the impressively functional, including one that doubles as a golf set-up to keep kids occupied for hours!

1. Little Tikes T-Ball Set

Little Tikes T-Ball Set

If basic is what you’re after, the Little Tikes T-Ball Set is a great choice.

This simple plastic set comes with all the key items, including the tee and base, an oversized bat, and five plastic balls.

The tee can be adjusted between about 21 inches and 22 inches by screwing the base in more or less. It does get a bit wobbly the more you unscrew, so this kit is best suited for younger tots.

The extra balls are a nice feature, as are the two ball holders on the base. But our favorite feature of this set is how the base can be reorganized and used as a carrier for the bat and tee. It even has a built-in handle to make carrying the set to the park a breeze.

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2. Liberry Adjustable T-Ball Set

Liberry Adjustable T-Ball Set

The Liberry Adjustable T-Ball Set is another excellent choice for those parents looking for something basic to entertain the kids with.

This set stands at a minimum of 12 inches high and can be extended to 32 inches. It includes a tee with a weighted base, an oversized bat, and four plastic balls. Having the extra balls is great because it extends the playtime while reducing how often your kiddo (or you) has to run out and collect the balls.

Like the Little Tikes T-Ball set, this one breaks down so that the base becomes a holder for the bat and tee. It can even be hung on the wall in the garage or your child’s room to reduce clutter.

Also included is a super handy storage bag, which makes it very easy to store when not in use or to bring with you to the park or the beach.

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3. Franklin Sports MLB Super Star Batter

Franklin Sports MLB Super Star Batter

For those trips to the park to play some ball, there is no better choice than the Franklin Sports MLB Super Star Batter.

This kit comes with a tee and wide base that resists tipping, a 22-inch bat, and three aero-strike balls. The tee is highly adjustable. By screwing it in or out, you can set the height anywhere between 21 and 25 inches.

But our favorite part about this set is that it can be used as both a batting tee as well as a pitching machine. The home plate has buttons, and by stepping on those buttons, you can set and pop the pitch.

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4. Step2 2-in-1 T-Ball and Golf Set

Step2 2-in-1 T-Ball and Golf Set

The Step2 2-in-1 T-Ball set offers hours of fun, even after your kid gets sick of swinging the bat.

This smartly designed set comes with a tee and base, one oversized bat, and two plastic balls. The tee height is not adjustable and stands at about 21 inches.

But where this set really impresses is in its versatility. The tee can be removed and used as a golf club, while the base doubles as a putting green. This set lacks the intelligent storability of others on this list. But, thanks to an undersized base and simple setup, it is already fairly compact to begin with.

This set does come with a small parts warning and may not be suitable for kiddos under three years of age.

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5. Franklin Sports MLB XT Kids Baseball Tee

Franklin Sports MLB XT Kids Baseball Tee

If you envision a budding baseball career in your child’s future, then there is only one tee-ball set worth getting. The Franklin Sports MLB XT Baseball Tee is highly adjustable and made for kids of all ages.

This PVC plastic set includes a twist-to-adjust tee, a wide X-style base, a standard-width baseball bat, and one foam baseball. The tee features a unique flex joint that helps it absorb impact to increase the product’s longevity.

The durable, telescopic tee can be adjusted between 23 and 33 inches for maximum usability. This is a tee-ball set you can buy for your 4-year-old and know they’ll be able to use it well into baseball years.

The MLB XT Baseball Tee is a bit taller than others reviewed here, even on its lowest setting, and includes a standard-width bat and smaller balls. For toddlers just learning to swing, it may pose a bit of a challenge. But this is an excellent choice for those who have had some practice with other sets and for older kiddos.

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Buying Guide

There isn’t a huge amount of variation between one toddler tee-ball set to the next, but there are a lot of fun bonus features that different products offer.

This handy buying guide will show you what to look for when buying a set for your toddler as an introduction to the sport of tee-ball:

  1. Age
  2. Adjustability
  3. Durability
  4. Additional functionality

1. Age

Tee ball sets can be fun for kids as young as two years old. Some well-coordinated 18-month-olds may even be able to use them. But not all sets are made for kids this young.

Sets with extra-wide bats, softball-sized balls, and shorter tees — around 21 inches — are going to be your best bet for really young toddlers.

For slightly older kids, adjustable tees that can be set higher are a great choice. Having that flexibility in the height setting will allow your child to use the set longer before they outgrow it.

For older kids, look for taller adjustable sets with standard bat and ball sizes. Your child will appreciate the challenge of trying to hit a smaller target with a thinner bat. And it will continue to improve their hand-eye coordination.

2. Adjustability

Many sets made just for young toddlers are not adjustable or have very limited height adjustment options. This doesn’t tend to be a huge deal as you will likely want to upgrade to a more functional set as they get older anyway.

T-ball swing

But if you are shopping for an older toddler or young child, an adjustable set is a must. Not only does this feature extend how long the set can be used, but it gives your child more options to practice.

This is because the height of the tee can be adjusted to create different hitting angles. This is great for children graduating from tee ball to baseball.

3. Durability

Most tee ball sets made for toddlers are made of thin plastic. Plastic has the advantage of being cheap and brightly colored to grab your child’s interest. Plastic sets also typically have fewer small parts and are therefore usually safer for children under three years old.

But plastic is less durable than other products. This doesn’t tend to be an issue until your kiddo is old enough and strong enough to exert some real force on the tee and bat.

For these older kids, look for PVC or aluminum sets meant to stand up to a little more abuse.

4. Additional Functionality

As you can see from our list above, there are plenty of fun bonus features available with some products. A few of these worth looking out for include:

  • Storability:
    Many sets fold up so that all or most of the pieces can be stored in one compact unit.
  • Portability:
    Sets that can be folded up for storage often also feature convenient carrying handles for easy portability.
  • 2-in-1 style gaming:
    Some tee ball sets can be used to play more than one game. The Step2 2-in-1 T-Ball set, for instance, can also be used as a golf game.

Best t-ball sets for toddlers and young kids


Published: July 14, 2021
Updated: April 16, 2024


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