7 Best Tree Swings for Kids (2022 Guide)

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Last updated: May 23, 2022

If there is one outdoor toy every kid will love, then it must be the classic tree swing. Who hasn’t played with a tree swing during their childhood, right?

Tree swings have evolved enormously over the years. Back in the day, all we needed was a flat piece of wood or an old tyre and a rope, and we were good to go. But today, we can get tree swings that look like flying saucers.

To help you pick a good tree swing for your backyard, we have reviewed seven of the best tree swings that your kids and the whole family can enjoy.

Top 7 Tree Swings:

Tree Swing Price
1 Sorbus Spinner Tree Swing Price
2 Climbing Rope Tree Swing Price
3 Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing Price
4 Spider Web Tree Swing Price
5 Flying Saucer Tree Swing Price
6 Kids Round Web Swing Price
7 Giant Saucer Tree Swing Price

Top 7 Tree Swings

In no particular order, here are seven super fun tree swings that are safe to use by your kids in the yard.

1. Sorbus Spinner Tree Swing

Sorbus Spinner Tree Swing

Take your backyard playtime to the next level with this spinner tree swing. It features a durable spider web chair design with a sturdy suspension. To add to its comfort and security, this tree swing has a steel tube frame that is protected by foam. Plus, it has a rope seat cushion that can accommodate 3 persons with a total weight of 220 pounds.

It’s also incredibly easy to set up with an installation kit that includes steel rings and tools. Overall, this tree swing makes for a great addition to any family backyard, suitable to hold two or three kids safely.

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2. Climbing Rope Tree Swing

Climbing Rope Tree Swing

The second swing in this list is an exciting climbing rope tree swing. Your kids will have the time of their lives swinging and climbing the rope, supported by colorful platforms and a circular rubber bottom disc that serves as a seat.

This all-in-one tree swing product is made with heavy-duty materials that have passed various certifications to ensure that everything is safe for children to use. It also includes a long rope that is easy on small hands so they can climb and swing as much as they like.

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3. Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing

Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing

Get your kids excited as you unveil this colorful Sorbus saucer tree swing. It features a comfortable saucer swing mat, the perfect place to be for adventure-junkies to enjoy and have fun in the backyard.

Durability and safety wise, this tree swing is a good choice too. It has steel rings which are securely connected to adjustable suspension ropes. The seat is made with high-quality fabric with seat frames made comfortable with foam padding. With prioritized safety features and attractive build and design, this swing will soon turn into a backyard favorite.

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4. Spider Web Tree Swing

Spider Web Tree Swing

The most memorable swing experiences are those shared with your favorite playmates, and this awesome spider web tree swing will certainly help with creating those memories. This after-school playtime toy has a large 40 inches net seat secured by an anti-rust and anti-weather steel frame surrounded by weaved rope for a stronger hold.

The seat can accommodate 5 kids with a total maximum weight of 660 pounds. Even adults can have their share of fun on this saucer swing! What’s more, you can get that full camping experience because it comes packaged with free tree straps and two stainless steel carabiners for easier and faster installation.

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5. Flying Saucer Tree Swing

Flying Saucer Tree Swing

Experience that magical flying carpet ride with your kids in this 40 inches saucer tree swing. This multi-colored swing has a massive 660 pounds load-bearing capacity, so even the parents can join in and enjoy a spectacular swing ride.

Eliminate safety worries because this ride is secured by multiple braided ropes for that unbeatable strength. The seat is made with strong fabric for better tear resistance. And with its long lifespan, the sky is the limit for your family’s enjoyment.

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6. Kids Round Web Swing

Kids Round Web Swing

Make your backyard the best in the neighborhood with this round spinner web swing. It’s perfect for kids 5 and up who love fun physical exercises. It’s also great for adults who just need a few moments of peace while basking under the afternoon sun.

This web swing is made with superior quality materials, and the kid-friendly seat has a cushion to make the swinging experience even more enjoyable. The ropes and connection points provide superior strength, resulting in a safe outdoor tree swing product.

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7. Giant Saucer Tree Swing

Giant Saucer Tree Swing

Get the whole family involved with this giant saucer tree swing. Its exciting design is a sure hit for kids who love a great swinging time. With its spacious round seat that can accommodate a whopping 700 pounds maximum weight, it’s the perfect tree swing in the family’s backyard.

It’s made with weather-resistant materials, so no need to worry during those rainy days. The swing seat is made with premium quality fabric, which makes it great to use in any season.

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Buying Guide

The best childhood memories stem from quality backyard playtime or camping adventures, and a tree swing fits into that. A tree swing is classic and timeless. For kids, playing with a tree swing is an energy and fun filled pastime.

Tree swings can also be beneficial from a health perspective. Body coordination and balance is super important while on the tree swing, and it’s also a social, exciting and energetic exercise.

Here are some things to consider when looking for a new backyard tree swing for your kids to enjoy:

  1. Type of swing
  2. Weight capacity
  3. Materials
  4. Safety
  5. Location

1. Type of Swing

Believe it or not, but swings do come in many different shapes and sizes. The traditional tree swing consists of a flat seat and two ropes or chains. This is a single-person swing that can be used by people of all ages.

Other swings can carry multiple people, with the seat often shaped as a saucer or a disc. These swings are popular with kids, because the fun can be shared with others all at the same time. They’re also considered quite safe, as the seat is much bigger than a traditional swing’s seat.

For toddlers, there are so-called bucket swings. As the name suggests, this type of swing consists of ropes with a bucket that the child can safely sit in. And then there are also standing swings, suitable for kids who are perhaps a bit more adventurous.

2. Weight Capacity

This is a no-brainer but do consider the weight capacity that the swing can hold, but also think about where you’re going to install the swing.

Basic tree swing

Some swings are specifically designed for children, and simply can’t hold the weight of an adult. The swing product specifications should tell you the suitable age group and how much weight it can manage.

3. Materials

Tree swings come in different formats with various different materials used. Definitely pay attention to the (polyester) ropes or chains and make sure this component is as solid as it can get. Chains are obviously stronger than ropes, but they aren’t always necessary, plus they can hurt a child’s hands. Polyester ropes are typically strong enough to hold a swing.

Seats are often made with durable plastic which can work well and is also suitable for different weather conditions. Wooden seats are also still sold for traditional swings, and while they’re not always the most comfortable seats, they are quite robust but perhaps not as weather resistant.

Some saucer/disc style seats have metal frames for extra safety and durability.

4. Safety

Injuries can occur with backyard tree swings, so it’s important to keep that in mind and always supervise younger children when playing with swings. Kids can fall off, have their fingers or hands injured on the ropes, etc.

As mentioned above, do consider the materials that are used for the ropes/chains and the seats as that will have an impact on safety. Also consider the weight capacity, and definitely make sure that the tree swing is installed properly, and regularly do checkups. An anchoring system with straps is often included when you purchase a new backyard tree swing for kids to use.

Also consider the rope length and how high the seat will eventually sit above the ground, depending on who is going to use the swing.

5. Location

Make sure you have a suitable location in mind in the backyard to install your new swing. Not only will the tree need to have solid enough branches, there will also need to be enough space around the swing for kids to actually be able to swing safely without the risk of hitting other objects.

You may also want to consider creating a softened surface around the swing, like sand or rubber mats, to help prevent injuries should anyone fall off which does happen.


Backyard tree swing buying guide

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