How to Get Rid of Wasps Under the Deck (5 Tips)

How to get rid of wasps under the deck

Wasps under the deck are an absolute nuisance and must be removed to make your outdoor space safe and useable. There are a variety of effective means to get rid of the wasps, some of which use chemicals, and others use natural products.

You will likely discover wasps nesting under your deck when it is inconvenient and when you want to use your outdoor area. No amount of waving your arms around or swatting at them with your book will get them to leave.

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What to Feed Squirrels in the Backyard

What to feed squirrels in the backyard

A guide explaining whether you should feed or not feed squirrels in the yard, what kind of food they like, and how best to feed them.

Some people will do everything possible to keep squirrels out of their yard, while others love having them feed and roam in their outdoor space.

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How to Keep Wasps Away From the Patio or Porch (12 Tips)

How to keep wasps away from patio or porch

A guide with twelve practical tips to get rid of wasps on the patio or porch and keep them away during the spring and summer seasons.

Wasps will always be searching for a safe environment to live in, to build their nests, and to feed. Generally, wasps are attracted to flowers, bright colors, sweet scents, sweet liquids and foods, and protein foods.

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How to Get Rid of Flies on the Patio (11 Tips)

How to get rid of flies on the patio

The presence of flies in our outdoor spaces, like the patio or the porch, can ruin the backyard experience in many ways.

Flies tend to like our food as much as we do, they fly into our faces, they buzz around our ears, just to name a few grievances. And if things get a little too comfortable around the house for flies, they will also be laying their eggs so that future generations of flies can continue annoying us.

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How to Keep Birds off Your Porch (10 Tips)

How to keep birds off your porch (10 tips)

Ten practical and friendly tips to keep birds, such as pigeons, crows, and sparrows, from settling and even nesting on your porch.

While having birds around in the front or backyard can be a wonderful thing, you would want them to stay away from the porch, for various reasons.

Perhaps the biggest reason is bird droppings, which can, in the long term, cause significant damage to your porch and surrounding area. Plus, bird droppings also don’t look and smell very good, and can carry diseases.

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What to Feed Birds From the Kitchen (10 Tips)

What to feed birds from the kitchen (10 tips)

Not sure what to feed birds? Consider these ten kitchen scraps and other food items the birds in your backyard will appreciate.

Did you know that you can use kitchen scraps as bird food?

By offering the right scraps to birds, in addition to traditional bird food, you’re providing a greater variety of nutrition sources while also reducing landfill waste.

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Can Birds Eat Oats or Oatmeal? (And How to Feed)

Can birds eat oats or oatmeal?

A guide explaining why oats are good for birds, and an outline of how best to prepare bird food with oatmeal.

If you love having birds in and around your backyard, then you may need to help them with feeding, especially during the colder winter months.

One simple, easy, and cost-effective way to help birds with their daily nutrition intake is by offering them oats or oatmeal, in addition to other kitchen scraps and food items.

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9 Benefits of Birdhouses (And How They Help the Environment)

Birdhouse benefits for the environment

A guide with nine benefits of having one or more birdhouses in the backyard or garden and how they are good for the environment.

If you were thinking of installing a birdhouse in your backyard to help birds find shelter, or perhaps for decoration purposes, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I am going to explain how there are great benefits in having a birdhouse, not only for birds but also for your backyard as a whole.

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