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Welcome to The Backyard Baron, a website committed to providing you with lots of tips and ideas to turn your backyard into an outdoor haven.

As a child growing up, I was lucky to live in a house that had a reasonably big backyard. My parents loved the outdoors and always ensured that the backyard was well looked after.

Not only was our backyard beautifully landscaped, but it also had very specific outdoor furniture and other design elements to make it the most attractive place to hang out.

We also had lots of outdoor toys and games that we could use in the backyard, and we would often invite friends and family over during weekends to enjoy quality time together.

The backyard is the perfect spot to bond, have a good time, or simply relax while enjoying some fresh air and sunshine. And with The Backyard Baron, my goal is to share my passion for the backyard with you.

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– Thomas Dunnett
The Backyard Baron