15 Easy and Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Simple backyard landscaping ideas

A guide with 15 easy and simple landscaping ideas that will help transform your backyard into the centerpiece of your property.

Whether you have a small or a large backyard, it’s always a good idea to put some effort into landscaping that beloved outdoor space behind the house.

While landscaping is a skilled profession, with some research and creativity, anyone can achieve so much with simple landscaping ideas. Ideas that are mostly inexpensive and relatively easy to implement.

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How to Kill a Tree Without Cutting It Down (Guide)

How to kill a tree without cutting it down (guide)

A guide explaining three methods to kill a tree without cutting it down. Learn more about girdling, using chemicals, and using copper nails.

While trees can be a beautiful addition to your yard, there comes a time when the tree has outstayed its welcome. Whether it’s growing past the point of unruliness or uncomfortably close to your home or driveway, there are reasons why you may need to get rid of a tree.

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