5 Best Giant Connect 4 Yard Games (2023 Guide)

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Last updated: March 13, 2023

What better way to relive those long-lost childhood memories than with an exciting game of connect four? Or better yet, a gigantic game of connect four!

Outdoor, oversized versions of many of our favorite childhood games have seen a surge in popularity in recent times. Along with giant Jenga, giant connect four is one of the most popular games in that genre.

In this article, I have shortlisted 5 of the best jumbo-sized connect 4 games currently available, so you can start playing this fun game in the backyard with friends and family.

Top Pick
ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-To-Score, Giant Game,...
Second Choice
GoSports 3 Foot Width Giant 4 in a Row...
47.6 x 17.7 x 46 inches
36.7 x 10 x 32.5 inches
Top Pick
ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-To-Score, Giant Game,...
47.6 x 17.7 x 46 inches
Second Choice
GoSports 3 Foot Width Giant 4 in a Row...
36.7 x 10 x 32.5 inches

Top 5 Giant Connect Four Games:

Connect 4 Game Price
1 ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-to-Score Giant Game Price
2 GoSports Giant Wooden 4-in-a-Row Game Price
3 Giantville 4-in-a-Row Connect Game Price
4 Rally and Roar Giant Wooden 4-Connect Game Price
5 Yard Games Giant 4 Connect in a Row Price

Top 5 Giant Connect Four Games

We put our kid hats back on to test the best-selling sets to find the five best giant connect four games available. Each is proven durable, easy to set up, and the right size to use in the yard or the living room.

In the meantime, check out our list of best giant yard games for more ideas for games to play in the backyard during the summer months.

1. ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-to-Score Giant Game

ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-to-Score Giant Game

If you want to take “giant” to the next level, you’re going to appreciate the ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-to-Score Giant Game.

This huge game set measures an impressive 47.6 x 17.7 x 46 inches. The board, stand, and game pieces are made of dense plastic that won’t break or crack, even if left out in the sun. They can take the abuse of young children, teenagers, and adults having too much fun.

One of our favorite features of this set is the built-in game piece holders. Each of the 42 colored rings fits on the poles attached to the base. This makes for easy storage during gameplay or between rounds.

Despite being a large plastic toy, the red, white, and blue color scheme and sleeker build give this board a more refined look than other products in this genre. It does come with a carry bag, but only if you are willing to pay a little extra.

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2. GoSports Giant Wooden 4-in-a-Row Game

GoSports Giant Wooden 4-in-a-Row Game

Looking for a nice connect 4 set to wow your adult friends? The GoSports Giant Wooden 4-in-a-Row Game is a worthy choice.

This set is slightly smaller than the previous one, with 36.7 x 10 x 32.5 inches, but still large enough to impress. It is made entirely with wood and has a nice, clean white finish that resists staining and helps protect the wood from water and sun damage. Each of the 42 coins is made of dense plastic, making them nearly impossible to break.

The board itself does not have the same durability, however. But for mature children and responsible adults, this set holds up well enough for normal gameplay in the backyard or the games room.

Our favorite part? You can custom order different colored game pieces, with ten different color options to choose from.

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3. Giantville 4-in-a-Row Connect Game

Giantville 4-in-a-Row Connect Game

If you like color, you will love the Giantville 4-in-a-Row Connect Game.

This huge 48 x 42 inches board will liven up any party with its bright red and blue play surface and cheerful green and yellow game pieces. Like the ECR4Kids, this set is made of durable, heavy-duty plastic that can handle life on the lawn or in the living room.

The large ring-shaped game pieces are a favorite among toddlers. And they can be easily stored on the poles connected to the board.

Best of all, this giant board is easy to set up and take down. The connection pieces are larger and more durable than other plastic boards we looked at. And the oversized body breaks into two pieces for more compact storage.

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4. Rally and Roar Giant Wooden 4-Connect Game

Rally and Roar Giant Wooden 4-Connect Game

The Rally and Roar Giant Wooden 4-Connect Game set comes in multiple options to meet your needs.

This board is available in two sizes: 38.3 x 28.8 inches or 48 x 40 inches. The former is also available in two color options: the standard white with blue legs or white with a natural wood grain frame and legs.

Even the largest size is going to be infinitely less bulky than the plastic varieties. The board is thin to accommodate the flat coin-style game pieces. And the frame and legs are crafted with extra attention to detail.

Like all Rally and Roar yard games, these game pieces are orange and blue to match the brand’s theme. If you are looking for more yard games to spice up your home, you can easily create a matching collection with the many products from this company.

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5. Yard Games Giant 4 Connect in a Row

Yard Games Giant 4 Connect in a Row

If you are tight on space and working with a tight budget, the Yard Games Giant 4 Connect in a Row is worth considering.

This set comes with a respectable 33 x 22 inches board, way more fun and entertaining than the mini version we played as a kid, but small enough to fit on the porch or patio. This model is also more affordable than most of the other best-selling options.

Of course, don’t expect the same robustness as some of the more expensive sets we’ve featured here. The wood panels on this product are thinner and prone to moving out of position, and the bottom release can be hard to remove without pulling the sides out of alignment.

But for the price, this is a great option, especially for those with older children who aren’t likely to over-abuse the set.

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Buying Guide

Giant connect 4 products seem fairly straightforward, but there are a lot of products out there to choose from.

Before you commit to a new connect 4 game set, here are a few things to know:

  1. What is connect four?
  2. Materials
  3. Size
  4. Accessories

1. What is Connect Four?

Never played connect four before? Trust me, you’re going to love it!

This simple game involves two players, or two teams, taking turns sliding colored coins into the various slots on the board. Each team gets to put one coin in per turn.

The point of the game is to be the first person to line up four of your colored coins in a row. These coins can be lined up vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. It is a bit like tic tac toe but slightly more challenging and much more entertaining.

2. Materials

Giant connect 4 boards are typically made out of one or two types of materials.

Plastic boards are nice because they tend to be durable and resistant to water and sun damage. These are great for families with children and for adults who occasionally like to act like children. The game pieces for plastic sets also tend to be larger, which younger kids and toddlers tend to appreciate.

On the downside, plastic boards are typically bulky and take up more room in storage. They also have more of a kids-toy type look to them.

The other option you’ll find is connect-4 sets made of wood. These generally consist of a thin wood board or chipboard playing surface and a solid wood frame with legs. Some are finished with a coating that makes them more durable, while others feature a raw or stained wood finish.

While wood boards tend to look more appealing to the adult crowd, they are also far less durable. Even well-made ones will need to be reinforced with wood glue or screws at some point. But they do store much easier than plastic and are much more portable.

3. Size

There are plenty of sizes of giant connect 4 sets to choose from.

The largest are typically 4 feet wide and about 3.5 feet tall. This is a great size for adults and older children. These sets are tall enough to place directly on the ground and play without having to lean over.

Playing a game of giant connect four

The slightly smaller boards, those about 3 feet wide and 2.5 feet tall, are a great choice for families with younger children. When placed on the ground, shorter kiddos can still easily put the game pieces in. For adults, you may want to set these boards on a low table during play.

There are also a variety of smaller sizes available. These are great for playing indoors on the coffee table or the carpet. They aren’t quite as exciting as the jumbo-sized games, but they are still way more fun than the tiny original version.

4. Accessories

Many connect 4 sets come with carrying bags that hold the board, legs, and game pieces. These are nice to have whether you plan to travel with your set or just store it in the crawl space over winter. The bag keeps everything together and prevents dust from building up in all the slots.

Another accessory to keep an eye out for is game piece holders. These are most common in the plastic variety and consist of poles extending from the base that hold the rings. These holders provide a great way to store your rings during gameplay and when the board is not in use.


Giant connect 4 game buying guide

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