10 Fun Things to Do on a Trampoline (Besides Jumping)

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Last updated: April 28, 2024

Ten fun activities you can do on a trampoline besides jumping. It’s time to dust off that trampoline and try one of these ideas!

Jumping on a trampoline can be loads of fun for kids as well as for adults, but it doesn’t have to end there.

With a bit of creativity and effort, there are so many more fun things you can do on a trampoline besides jumping.

I’ve come up with a list of trampoline activities that my kids have given the thumbs up. So, give that trampoline a good clean, and let’s have some fun.

1. Crack the Egg

This is one of the most basic games you can play on a trampoline, but it’s also one of the most entertaining. The best part? There’s no expensive equipment or accessories required!

How does it work? One person sits in the center of the trampoline and curls up into a ball shape, pulling the knees up to the chin and wrapping the arms around the legs.

The other kids then need to start jumping as hard as they can until the egg is cracked. In other words, the person in the center must try hard to stay in their position for as long as possible.

This can be timed to make it a bit more competitive. This trampoline game is also often called popcorn, with the person in the center being a popcorn kernel trying not to get popped.

2. Chalk Drawing

Organize a chalk drawing session for your kids and their neighborhood friends. You can simply use regular washable sidewalk chalk, which works fine on trampoline mats.

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The black surface of trampoline mats makes the chalk drawings stand out even more than they do on the sidewalk. And the chalk can easily be wiped off also.

Kids are more creative than you might think, and a chalk drawing session is a great opportunity for them to be social and creative at the same time.

3. Bomb Ball

This classic trampoline game is always fun to play, no matter how young or old the kids are. All you need is a bunch of plastic balls to get started. And the bigger the trampoline, the better.

First, decide on the number of balls to place on the trampoline. Then, when everyone is ready, start jumping. The purpose of this game is to avoid touching any of the balls. If a player happens to touch a ball, they are out or lose a point.

As you can imagine, the balls will bounce and fly everywhere, making it challenging to avoid. In other words, the more balls, the more chaos. With some skill, you can try to jump in a certain way so that the balls bounce toward the other player(s).

4. Ball Pit Bonanza

Turn your trampoline into an actual ball pit! For this to work, your trampoline will need some kind of enclosure, typically a safety net like many outdoor trampolines have these days.

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This will not only keep your kids safe, but it will also keep the balls inside. The balls should ideally be a bit on the small side and also soft.

There are no rules here. Just keep on jumping, and the balls will jump along with you. Kids love this jumping game, and it’s perfectly safe with smaller balls and an enclosure.

5. Slip and Slide

This one is a little tricky, as the purpose of the game is to not slide, so ideally, you’d have a maximum of three kids on the trampoline to avoid collisions.

First, add some water to the trampoline mat. Then, add a bit of soap or dishwashing liquid, mix it all up, and spread it evenly across the entire trampoline mat.

The idea is to then start jumping around and to avoid slipping. Whoever slips is out, and the last man standing wins the round. You can keep score and play as many rounds as you see fit.

6. Trampoline Basketball

Play a game of basketball on your trampoline. This may sound complicated, but it’s a lot of fun, especially for younger kids.

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You can buy a trampoline that comes with a basketball hoop. Otherwise, get a separate hoop as a standalone item that you can attach to the net.

7. Dance Festival

Organize a dance festival on your trampoline. The sky (literally) is the limit with this fun trampoline activity.

You can organize a group dance routine where everyone needs to do the same moves in unison. Or you can organize a real dance battle with a judge, where each kid needs to perform a short made-up dance or jump routine. Creative air jumps are my favorite.

Make sure you have some music and lights to go with it, and I can guarantee that your kids will be having an absolute blast in the backyard.

8. Trampoline Water Park

This fun trampoline activity is a big hit during the warmer summer months. Believe it or not, you can actually buy a water sprinkler set designed explicitly for trampolines.

The idea is simple yet so brilliant. All you have to do is attach a hose outside the trampoline net with the attachments and strap. Turn on the tap, and water starts spraying out of the little holes, adding another level of excitement to the jumping experience.

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An added benefit of using this product is that it can lower the temperature on the trampoline mat. As we all know, under the burning hot sun, that trampoline mat can heat up quickly. A bit of cold water spraying over you when bouncing can offer that much-needed relief.

You can also place a water sprinkler underneath the trampoline mat to create a fun mist effect when jumping.

9. Trampoline House

Instead of building a tree house or setting up a tent in the backyard, why not turn your trampoline into a small house! Trust me when I say that your kids will love it.

This one requires some creativity and preparation work, but it’s not difficult to set up. Assuming you have a trampoline with a safety enclosure, the best way to go about it is to grab a few old bed sheets and attach them to the top of the enclosure.

Do it such that the sheets cover the entire trampoline. Or leave a section open so you can keep an eye on your kids inside. Then, add a bunch of pillows and other things inside to add a level of coziness.

10. Trampoline Parachute Game

If your trampoline is big enough, you can try playing a classic parachute game on the trampoline. The extra bounce effect will make it so much more fun.

Have a read through my list of outdoor parachute games for kids and see if you can find a few suitable ones.

From that list, I think bounce count, cross the bridge, sea waves, shake hands, and big mushroom can work well on a trampoline.


10 Fun things to do on a trampoline

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