5 Top Rated Toy Gardening Sets for Kids (2024 Guide)

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Reviews of five of the best toy gardening sets for kids, based on materials, number of pieces, durability, and more.

For many of us, gardening is so much more than just a chore. It’s a hobby that makes us feel good and happy while being outdoors and creative.

By fostering your child’s love for gardening right now, you can help them be creative and feel fulfilled. Thanks to some adorable, well-designed gardening toy sets, doing just that has never been easier.

Together with my children, we tested and reviewed five of the best toy gardening sets currently available. These sets are not only durable and functional, but also exciting enough to keep your child engaged.

Top Pick
Kinderific Gardening Set, Tool Kit, for...
Second Choice
JustForKids Kids Garden Tool Set Toy,...
5 garden tools + bag
4 real garden tools
2 years and up
5 years and up
Top Pick
Kinderific Gardening Set, Tool Kit, for...
5 garden tools + bag
2 years and up
Second Choice
JustForKids Kids Garden Tool Set Toy,...
4 real garden tools
5 years and up

Top 5 Kids Gardening Sets:

Kids Gardening Set Price
1 Kinderific Gardening Set Price
2 G&F JustForKids Garden Tool Set Price
3 Born Toys Kids Gardening Tool Set Price
4 Biranco Flower Garden Building Set Price
5 Kids Gardening Tools Set and Board Book Price

Top 5 Kids Gardening Sets

Not all gardening tools and toys are functional, fun, and durable enough to hold your child’s interest and make them fall in love with this peaceful pastime.

For that, you’ll need the best toy gardening sets for kids. Here are the top five options for kids of all ages.

1. Kinderific Gardening Set

Kinderific Gardening Set

If what you’re after is a garden kit you can buy on a budget, the Kinderific Gardening Set will give you the most bang for your buck.

This inexpensive 6-piece kit includes three metal and wood tools, garden gloves, a metal watering can, and a functional garden bag to store everything in. All pieces are colored with summer shades (oranges, yellows, and greens) to delight children of all ages.

The manufacturer recommends this set for ages two and up. The gloves are sized for children of about five, but all other pieces would be safe and appealing to toddlers and elementary school children alike.

Considering the price, the tools in this set are impressively durable. The only item that seems to disappoint somewhat is the watering can, as the inner seams are not fully painted, so the metal might rust if you use it as intended. Putting that aside, this toy gardening set is a great buy.

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2. G&F JustForKids Garden Tool Set

G&F JustForKids Garden Tool Set

If you have an older child who loves to help you in the garden, then the G&F JustForKids Garden Tool Set is a great option.

This simple set includes four child-sized garden tools that will give your kiddo a chance to help without you having to lend them your real gardening tools. For a reasonable price, you’ll get a shovel, rake, hoe, and leaf rake. Each item has a long handle and stands at about 28 inches.

The handles are made of real wood, and the tool pieces are made of durable metal. Each tool is painted with bright colors and comes with a matching plastic end cap with a hanging hole.

I looked at many of these simple tool sets and struggled to find any that were durable enough to hold up to the abuse you’d expect a garden tool (or kids toy) to endure. This G&F set was an exception. The metal pieces are screwed into the wood with hefty hardware and do not fall off, even with rough play. And the metal is thick enough that it won’t bend with pressure.

These tools are so functional that many users report borrowing them from their children to work in the garden with!

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3. Born Toys Kids Gardening Tool Set

Born Toys Kids Gardening Tool Set

Do you have a child who loves to play dress-up? Then they will love the Born Toys Kids Gardening Tool Set.

Not only does this functional set come with four usable metal tools, but it also includes a gardening apron, sunhat, and gloves. With this fun kit, they can get fully prepared before tackling their garden chores, just like mom and dad do.

In addition to the clothes, the kit includes a metal hand rake, two different kinds of hand shovels, and a spray bottle. All the accessories fit into various pockets on the apron, so your kiddo can carry their tools with them as they explore the backyard.

This set is the perfect size for children 3 to 7 years of age. Those closer to 3 and those who are a little on the small side will need some extra knots to fit into the apron, and the gloves are likely to run a bit large. But the entire set will fit most 6- and 7-year-olds well.

The only drawback to this set is the durability of the tools. The metal heads are strong and won’t bend with regular play. But the screws that hold the metal on the short wood handles are small and come loose easily over time.

But considering the price and everything that comes with it, this set is an excellent buy for imaginative youngsters who love to be a part of the action.

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4. Biranco Flower Garden Building Set

Biranco Flower Garden Building Set

Who says gardening can’t be a year-round event? With the Biranco Flower Garden Building Set, your child can enjoy gardening indoors without you having to worry about them making a mess.

This colorful 120-piece kit includes 8 green bases, 42 stems, 67 flowers, and 3 small flower pots. The parts are meant to be mixed and matched for hours of endless fun.

In addition to helping keep your kiddo stay entertained, this fun garden set also helps them learn the different parts of flowers, from the green stems and leaves to the brightly colored petals and carpels. It is so much fun to build and rebuild flowers with this kit that you may find yourself playing with it more than your kid, especially during those cold winter months!

Surprisingly, this colorful set costs more than your typical garden toolset. But you really can’t put a price on the peace this toy will bring you, and that alone makes it worth it.

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5. Kids Gardening Tools Set and Board Book

Kids Gardening Tools Set and Board Book

Are you looking for a gardening kit made for toddlers? This Kids Gardening Tools Set and Board Book is a great choice.

This little kit has it all and is designed especially for little hands. The three metal tools have rounded edges to prevent accidents, and each has a thick plastic handle for easy gripping.

In addition to the tools, the kit includes a watering can, garden stakes with fun labels, garden gloves, and a realistic gardening bag with pockets for everything. But the real treasure of this set is the gardening board book that uses colorful pictures and a simple story to get toddlers excited about growing their own vegetables. The only thing you’re missing with this multi-accessory kit is the seeds!

This kit is an especially great option for gifting. It is made of high-quality materials but is very well-priced. Whether you give it to your own kids or gift it to someone else, you are sure to brighten someone’s day.

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Buying Guide

Toy gardening sets are a great way to get your kids off the couch and be active, while fostering a lifelong love for a highly therapeutic and beneficial activity. But only if you can find the right set to pique their interest.

As we see from our list above, gardening sets vary widely from one product to the next. To figure out which would be the best kit for your kiddo, there are a few things you should consider first.

1. Real vs Fake Gardening Tools

Many children’s gardening kits feature real metal tools that are meant to be used in the garden. The upside of choosing real metal tools is that your kid can mimic what you do in the garden and see actual results.

On the downside, these metal tools tend to be a little less safe for younger kids due to their weight and sharper edges.

Some kits feature fake plastic tools that are only meant to look like the real thing. These sets are perfect for toddlers and babies because the tools are lightweight, easy to manipulate, and safe.

On the downside, as your child grows and becomes interested in mimicking what you’re doing, they may lose interest in these toys because they can’t be used to really dig and rake.

2. Materials and Durability

Gardening tools found in these kinds of children’s sets are typically made of some combination of wood, plastic, and metal.

Tools with metal heads are great for use in the garden, assuming the metal is durable enough to dig through hard soil. These metal heads can be attached to either wood or plastic handles.

Wood is more environmentally friendly and more realistic but may not last as long, especially if left outdoors between uses.

Toy gardening set
Toy gardening set

Plastic handles tend to be easier for little hands to grasp and are more durable in the face of water and sun, but they don’t look as natural.

In either case, how well the head is attached to the handle will determine how functional the tools are and how long they will last.

Some sets come with tools that are made entirely of plastic. As I mentioned above, these tools are meant more for pretend play than actual garden work. On the plus side, they tend to last a while and are lighter.

3. Pieces and Accessories

In addition to the tools, many sets include fun accessories such as:

  • Aprons
  • Gloves
  • Watering cans
  • Spray bottles
  • Garden stakes
  • Hats
  • Gardening bags

These extras can do a lot to stimulate the imagination and get your kid excited about helping out in the garden.

Some kids gardening sets even include heavy machinery toys, such as leaf blowers and lawnmowers. Let’s just say that the sky is the limit here.

Of course, the more accessories a set comes with, the higher the price tag. But considering how well-priced many of these sets are, it is still possible to find a well-stocked set on a budget.

4. Suitable Age

In general, garden sets are a great option for toddlers and school-aged children.

Sets with plastic tools are optimal for younger children, especially those who will be using them inside or in the sandbox. For older children, functional tools will be key to holding their interest.

If the set comes with wearables like hats, aprons, or gloves, check the sizing to see how useful the kit would be for your child. Most include clothing that is “one-size-fits-all” but is really sized for children around 5 or 6 years of age.


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Published: November 12, 2021
Updated: March 15, 2024


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