5 Top Rated Horseshoe Game Sets (2024 Guide)

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Last updated: March 15, 2024

Reviews of five of the best horseshoe sets you can buy today, based on materials, inclusions, accessories, manufacturer, and price.

Playing horseshoes in the backyard, at tailgate parties, or in the park is a fantastic pastime to enjoy with family and friends.

Anyone can start playing the game of horseshoe pitching because the basic principles of the game are easy to pick up. However, it’s also a game that can get quite competitive over time as your skills improve.

If you’re ready to try horseshoe pitching, keep reading, as I will share five of the best horseshoe game sets available online, all tried and tested by me and my kids.

Top Pick
Baden Champions Horseshoe Set-...
Second Choice
GoSports Steel Horseshoes Game Set -...
Steel horseshoes and stakes
Steel horseshoes and stakes
Black and grey horsehoes
Blue and red horsehoes
Carrying bag included
Carrying bag included
Top Pick
Baden Champions Horseshoe Set-...
Steel horseshoes and stakes
Black and grey horsehoes
Carrying bag included
Second Choice
GoSports Steel Horseshoes Game Set -...
Steel horseshoes and stakes
Blue and red horsehoes
Carrying bag included

Top 5 Horseshoe Sets:

Horseshoe Set Price
1 Baden Champions Horseshoe Set Price
2 GoSports Steel Horseshoes Regulation Game Set Price
3 St Pierre American Professional Series Horseshoes Set Price
4 Franklin Sports Horseshoes Set Price
5 Champion Sports Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Set Price

Top 5 Horseshoe Sets

Let’s go through these five horseshoes game sets in a bit more detail.

If you’ve never played horseshoes before, or you’re not sure what the rules are, check out my guide to playing horseshoes outlining all the details.

1. Baden Champions Horseshoe Set

Baden Champions Horseshoe Set

This Baden horseshoe set is a people’s favorite, as it offers a good balance between pricing and quality. It’s an excellent tournament-grade horseshoe set that includes two black and two grey forged steel horseshoes and 2x 24-inch steel stakes.

It’s a set that is approved and tested by the NHPA, the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association. The forged steel is the highest quality used for making horseshoes, with maximum robustness and durability.

This set also comes with a great-looking nylon carry bag with velcro handles and reinforced pockets. Overall, this is your best choice if you’re looking to purchase a new horseshoe set that meets quality standards for an affordable price.

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2. GoSports Steel Horseshoes Regulation Game Set

GoSports Steel Horseshoes Regulation Game Set

This horseshoe set by GoSports is another popular choice and includes two red and two blue cast steel horseshoes and a couple of 24-inch stakes. Also included is a handy carrying bag for convenient transport and storage.

This set is slightly cheaper priced than the Baden horseshoe set, partly because it’s not forged steel, but it’s still a tournament-grade set that certainly won’t disappoint.

The bright colors of red and blue of the horseshoes might also appeal to many. My kids certainly loved this set for that reason!

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3. St Pierre American Professional Series Horseshoes Set

St Pierre American Professional Series Horseshoes Set

This St Pierre game set includes four NHPA-approved forged steel American horseshoes in the colors red and blue, and two solid steel 24-inch long stakes.

The manufacturer claims that the shoes have been designed by a world-champion horseshoe pitcher, with longer tips for improved grip at the stake and extra weight in the tips for better balance.

It’s an excellent tournament-grade set, which also includes an official rule book and a black plastic tote for storage and transport.

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4. Franklin Sports Horseshoes Set

Franklin Sports Horseshoes Set

This quality set is brought to you by Franklin Sports and includes four forged steel horseshoes (in black and grey), two 23.5-inch forged steel stakes, and a durable carry bag.

The strongest of materials are used for this set, which also makes it a bit more expensive than other recreational horseshoe pitching sets.

You do have the option to choose a lower-grade set, depending on what you’re looking for and how often you’re going to play.

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5. Champion Sports Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Set

Champion Sports Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Set

If you’re looking for a basic entry-level recreational horseshoe set to play with kids indoors or outdoors, this Champion Sports set is a great choice.

It comes with four rubber shoes (in red and blue), two protective rubber mats with pegs in the center, and two plastic dowels. The rubber mats can be used when playing indoors, and the dowels can be used when playing outside on the grass in the backyard.

This is a family-friendly horseshoe set, perfect for children who want to start improving their skills in this fantastic backyard game.

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Buying Guide

Buying a new horseshoe set doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when used for fun and recreational purposes, but here are a few things to consider.

1. Materials

Horseshoes are typically made with either rubber or metal/steel. Professional sets use heavier materials such as steel, whereas recreational sets often use rubber horseshoes.

Metal horseshoes are heavier, which has its benefits but also drawbacks. For starters, seniors and young children might find metal horseshoes a bit too heavy or perhaps even a bit dangerous.

Horsehoes game

Rubber horseshoes are the preferred choice if kids are also joining in on the fun. However, metal horseshoes typically last longer and are better to aim. There are also plastic horseshoes if you want to go for the cheapest option.

Also note that there are different types of metal, such as forged steel, alloy cast steel, and ductile iron. Forged steel is the best (and most expensive) choice as it’s the highest quality material for horseshoes.

2. Set Inclusions

A typical horseshoe game set includes four horseshoes and a pair of stakes. These are the most essential components that you need to play this game.

Some sets, however, also include a pit, the rectangular box holding the stake in the middle.

It’s also common for sets to include a carrying bag (pretty essential), a carry strap, a scorecard, and some kind of rule book.

3. Price

I strongly believe that backyard game sets, when used for recreational purposes, shouldn’t have to cost a lot of money.

And they usually don’t, but there are horseshoe sets out there that may look fancy and appealing but are just a bit overpriced.

The materials very much determine the price, so it’s important to get a good understanding of why certain materials are more expensive than others.

If you’re a first-time player, I would recommend going for a basic set that has decent reviews. You can easily get one for under $50, and if you like the game, there is always the option to upgrade to a more professional horseshoe game set.

Hopefully this guide has motivated you to get yourself a new horseshoe set.

If you’d like to improve your skills, check out my guide explaining how to throw a horseshoe.

And if you’d like to learn more about what an official horseshoe court looks like, check out my guide outlining the horseshoe court and pit dimensions.


5 Top rated horseshoe sets

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