10 Giant Yard Games for Great Outdoor Fun

Giant yard games for outdoor fun

We have all played classic games such as Jenga, Connect Four, chess and checkers. But did you know there are also oversized versions of these games available that you can play outside?

And not just the classic games that we all know about. There are lots of other outdoor games that are so much more entertaining than watching TV or playing video games.

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The Fascinating History of Cornhole

History of cornhole explained

Among the most enjoyable, easy-to-play outdoor games is the cornhole game, where you aim to toss a sac into a hole on an elevated platform.

The game has gained so much popularity in the United States, and is a favorite at tailgating parties, college campuses, and in backyards.

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15 Fun Outdoor Parachute Games for Kids

Outdoor parachute games for kids

Playing parachute games outside in the backyard is one of the most effective ways to keep young children entertained. The amount of games that can be played with one big parachute is endless, and kids can have tons of fun for hours on end.

Parachute games are simple and fun, they promote team bonding, they help kids develop various skills, they help socialize, and best of all, they keep kids active.

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5 Best Ladder Ball Toss Sets for the Backyard

Best ladder ball sets

Keen to start playing ladder ball? Also known as ladder toss, or golf toss, this game is one of my absolute favorites to play in the backyard.

Starting out with ladder ball is super easy, because the rules are pretty basic and the equipment doesn’t need to be expensive at all.

In this article I have shortlisted some of the best ladder ball sets you can buy today, so you can start playing this fantastic game tomorrow.

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5 Best Bocce Ball Sets for the Backyard

Best bocce ball sets for the backyard

Bocce ball is a fun and easy yard game for all ages. In a nutshell, the objective of the game is to throw your ball such that it lands closest to a smaller target ball.

There are quite a few different bocce ball sets available to purchase today, some more expensive than others. I have gone ahead and handpicked five of these sets that I believe are excellent value for money.

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How to Play Bocce Ball in the Yard (Rules and Scoring)

How to play bocce ball in the yard

Bocce ball is a simple yet fun game to play in the backyard. Over the years, I have become a huge fan of bocce, and I have played many games with friends and family.

In this article I am going to explain what bocce is, how the rules work, and how best to play this game in the yard.

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5 Best Giant Jenga Sets for Outdoor Use

Best giant outdoor Jenga sets

If you know me, you will know that I love being outside and turning the yard into an entertainment area. Having fun with your family and friends while also enjoying a bit of sunshine is priceless.

One great game I really love playing outside is Jenga! It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, a game of Jenga is always loads of fun. Especially when you have an oversized, giant, outdoor Jenga set to play with.

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5 Best Croquet Sets for Adults (2021 Guide)

Best croquet sets for adults

For some people, the idea of a game of croquet brings up images of elegant garden tea parties, big hats, and fancy dresses.

While the game has been around long enough for that to be a realistic picture, it has maintained its popularity for so long that it’s now played in denim shorts and t-shirts, while photos of the game are uploaded to social media.

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Find the Best Soccer Rebounder to Improve Your Ball Control Skills

Best soccer rebounders

Soccer, or football for most countries outside the US, is perhaps the most popular sport in the world. And even though it’s a team sport, there are various ways to improve your soccer skills by yourself.

The most effective way of doing that is by using a soccer ball rebounder, which returns balls to you so you can keep practicing without having to retrieve the ball.

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5 Best Cornhole Board Sets for Backyard Fun

Best outdoor cornhole board sets

Also known as the bean bag toss game, cornhole is one of the most basic yet most entertaining outdoor games you can play.

When you’re planning an outdoor party of any kind, you have to think of games to keep your friends and family entertained. And the cornhole board game is the perfect game for backyard BBQs, tailgate parties, and even weddings. It can be set up in no time, and everyone, young and old, can come and play along.

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